In Alleged Rape Case Dr. Oniyama Files US$5 Defamation Lawsuit against two ladies

Boyonnoh Sunberg of Sweden and Almaz Jalloh of the Kingdom of Belgium

A five million United States Dollars lawsuit has been filed against Almaz Jalloh of the Kingdom of Belgium and Courage Boyonnoh Sunberg of Sweden face US$5 million by Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama , a Liberian business tycoon  lawsuit for defamation.

Over the past few weeks, there have been allegations of sexual assault coming from Almaz Jallah, a Liberian living in Belgium alleged that Oniyama had sexually abused her when she was 17 years of age in 2013.

She alleged: “At 17 I was raped with the perpetrator still right in Monrovia and this devastated me till I had an episode in 2013 again with the current Consulate of the Ukrainian Embassy to Liberia Dr. C Nelson Oniyama. Nelson is also Manager of Beer Factory, owner of Oragon Car Rental, AVIS Car Rental, Riverside Resort and several other companies.

In 2013 Dr. Oniyama asked me to be his mistress I reneged as I had a boyfriend who stayed in Europe, he consented and said he respects my decision but we could be friends. I however accepted with serious apprehension.

On a fateful date Dr. Oniyama asked me out at his car rental office (Avis) adjacent the LEC (Bushrod Island) in Liberia, due to its public location, I accepted not knowing he had a plan.

The professed decent man now an Ambassador of a Foreign Government (Ukraine) drugged my drink, put me to uncontrollable sleep and raped me, such despicable act indeed! Gosh! #tears

When I woke I didn’t notice what had happened, went home and few weeks later began seeing signs of pregnancy then I first went to the hospital and was told I was pregnant. I was outraged and went to Dr. Oniyama and asked what had he done to me? He consented he had something to do with me but used condom. He also went on to say he is impotent and was not possible to even have sex with me. His stories did not corroborate so I decided to carry the baby, have a DNA when I give birth and use the situation to pursue justice for bastards like his kind who will use wealth and power to mistreat people.

Dr. Nelson Oniyama asked me to abort the pregnancy but I refused and used one Henry Moore a police officer to continuously intimidate me that even if I took up the issue with the International Police abroad nothing would come out of it as the matter happened in Liberia. Today Moore is Security Consultant in Nelson’s company.

In his 33-count petition for actions of damages, Oniyama claimed that in 2013, he entered in a consensual relationship, during which time of the relationship they both took all appropriate steps to ensure that each other was protected during periods of intimacy. “Despite the protective measures taken during intimacy and to the utter dismay, shock and surprise of Plaintiff, in the same 2013, 1st Defendant (Almaz) informed Plaintiff (Oniyama) that she had been impregnated by him was carrying Plaintiff’s child,” the petition explained.


However, Oniyama argued that though at no time he ever had unprotected intimacy with Almaz, he accepted responsibility for the pregnancy based on his cultural values, respect for women, upbringing and decency.

According to him, after a protracted period of time without having physical contact with Almaz, she visited his office and while in conversation, she informed him of her second pregnancy and the child was his. This move, according to the petition, raised his doubt over the first pregnancy and he immediately demanded a paternity DNA test which showed that he is the father of the first child.

“He not being satisfied with the result of the paternity test and suspecting that there must have been foul play since 1st Defendant was exclusively entrusted with the specimen, requested and Defendant again consented to a second paternity test. For the purpose of the second paternity test, Plaintiff, 1st Defendant and the child (name withheld) travelled to Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria, where the test was performed. The result of the second paternity test indicated that Plaintiff was not the biological father of (name withheld),” the petition explained.

She, however, insisted that she would only accept the result of the first paternity test, he disclosed.

As a means of bringing the impasse to an end, Oniyama futher disclosed that he sought the intervention of the Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFFEL) to guide the process for a third paternity test for both children.

“Plaintiff says that upon arrival of 1st Defendant and the children in Liberia (from Belgium), Plaintiff, 1st Defendant and AFELL agreed upon following viz: (i) the medical facility or institution to conduct third paternity test and ii) that the specimen to be forwarded to said institution would be handled and were accordingly handled by 1st Defendant and AFELL without the participation of Plaintiff. Predicated thereupon, the specimen were collected and obtained from Plaintiff, 1st Defendant and her two children by Dr. Martha N. Zarway, CEO and Medical Doctor, Kingdom Care Medical Foundation and forwarded to Messrs. DNA Diagnostic Center in the United States of America for testing. The result of this third test indicated that the Plaintiff is not the biological father of the children (names withheld).

She again rejected the genuineness of the third paternity test, an action which led to the conduct of two additional test by separate facilities in the United States – Laboratory Corporation of America, Burlington, North Carolina and INTELLIGENETICS DNA Laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia – with both giving the same result that Oniyama is not the biological father of the children, leaving him to believe that Almaz masterminded the result of the first DNA test.

He added that based on the result of the first DNA, he entered into an agreement with Almaz that he would provide US$1,000 for support of she and her two children for the remaining period of their stay prior to their departure from Liberia and that he would purchase three tickets to facilitate she and the two children travel back to Europe and US$750 to facilitate their travel from the airport in Amsterdam to final destination.

He lamented that despite such said agreement, she engaged in a smear campaign against him, alleging that he raped and impregnated her and bribed officials of government of Liberia to deny her justice.

He further alleged that Almaz in her smear campaign engaged the service of Courage Boyonnoh Sunberg to further tarnish and impugn his character and reputation.  Sunberg, according to the court’s document referred the paternity issue to Vice President Jewel Howard Tylor and several journalists in Liberia.

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