LIBERIA: House Ratified 26 Bills During First Session – Official

Speaker Bhofal Chambers

During the First Session of the 54th National Legislature, the House of Representatives passed a total of 26 bills and eight Resolutions in the “best interest of the Liberian people,” House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has disclosed.

Chambers said, among those Bills and Resolutions that the House acted on, nine originated from the House of Representatives, five from the Liberian Senate which it concurred with, while 12 bills were passed out of 17 originating from the Executive as well as eight legislative Resolutions it acted upon.

Speaking at programs marking the official opening of the 2nd Session of the 54th National Legislature, Chambers recalled that during the First Session of the body, the House of Representatives recorded 57 regular, 43 executive and six special sittings as well as 15 extraordinary sittings, amounting to 121 sittings in 2018.

“In line with legislative best practices, it is our hope that bills and resolutions pending in committee rooms which amount to 53 in total, will be properly scrutinized for prompt plenary action,” Chambers noted.

Among bills still pending in committee rooms, Chambers said there are 30 bills from the House of Representatives, four from the Liberian Senate and five from the Executive, while 10 petitions and four resolutions are still awaiting legislative action.

Chambers stressed that as the legislature begins its Second Session, it will ensure that harmony and coordination with the other branches of government will be a priority.

He said it is the duty of the legislature to fully support the Pro-Poor Agenda under the leadership of President Dr. George Manneh Weah, adding that, the House will always be prepared to offer suggestions for alternative programs, policies through dialogue or enactment of laws that will be in the best interest of ordinary Liberians.

“As we inaugurate this year’s session, it is my fervent hope and prayer that we treat our offices as a public trust, by uprightly upholding and respecting the principles and spirit of representative democracy and setting positive examples of responsible citizenship,” Chambers stated.

He encouraged members of the 54th Legislature to brace themselves for the challenges ahead, stating that, “Our constituents and various constituencies which have placed this huge public trust on us, expect a lot out of us in their desire to have good laws and for us to exercise our functions to the best of our abilities in their best interest, so that the plans and promises intended for them can come to fruition.”


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