Ten Liberian Musicians With Dying Careers

1. Takun J

 “A career in the music business can be one of the toughest, most frustrating paths to take, especially if you’re a musician whose dream is to top the charts and sell out stadiums. It’s an industry where the overwhelming majority of musicians experience failure more often than success.  

For the sake of defining what success is, in this case I’m talking about earning a living creating music, as opposed to the fantasy lifestyle that most people think of when they imagine what success in music looks like.  

The primary issue that most failed artists have in common is the fact that they do not view their music careers from a business perspective.  

If you currently earn your living from the music you make, or you’re not looking to earn a living from music, then this article may not be for you. But if music isn’t your primary source of income, and you’d like it to be, then it starts with your mindset and habits.  

It’s my hope that you’ll learn something from this article that will help you find the right path to success in your music career.” Sonicbids 

Below are 10 very talented Liberian artists who need to wake up and smell the coffee. They are too talented to fail, but their careers are slowly dying and need to be revived. (Source: C Liberia Clearly)

2. Friday the Cellphone man
3. David Mell
4. Sundaygar Dearboy
5. G Rize
6. F.A
7. DenG
8. Chris Deshields
9. Shadow Man
10. Lady Mouthphy
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