GHANA: Eight Togolese Soldiers Reported To Interpol

Volta Regional Police Command DCOP Francis Ebenezer Doku

The intrusion of eight Togolese soldiers into Ghana has been referred to Interpol, according to the Volta Regional Police Command DCOP Francis Ebenezer Doku. The Police chief said the case was referred to Interpol to allow for due diligence in line with international law.

He explained that preliminary investigations indicated that the basis of the intrusion through Jasikan was not criminal.

DCOP Francis Ebenezer Doku revealed that the Police did not err in releasing three out of the eight, who were in custody at Jasikan.

On Tuesday January 1, 2019 eight military officers of the Republic of Togo crossed into Ghana through Jasikan District to arrest some persons believed to be dissidents.

The mission of the military officers was not communicated to the Ghanaian authorities, thus making it an illegal operation at a community called Amoako.

Residents, who were alarmed at the sight of the Togolese soldiers and their activities, arrested them and subjected them to severe beatings.

In the process, five out of the eight escaped, leaving behind three of their comrades who were severely beaten, with one of them tied to a tree.

The Police in Jasikan and the District Chief Executive (DCE), Lawrence Kwame Aziale were alerted and they quickly moved to rescue the three soldiers and put them in police custody.

A resident told DAILY GUIDE that but for the intervention of the Police and DCE, the three would have been lynched.

After further investigations, a deal was reached after a Togolese Unit Commander visited the Jasikan Police station to identify the men.

The regional commander said they escorted the men beyond the border to prevent any further attacks.


DCOP Francis Doku explained that since the case was not criminal, it was prudent to take diplomatic steps to ensure peaceful co-existence between the two countries.

He said, “We informed Ghana Interpol about the situation to ensure the Togolese officials observe the International Convention on the arrest of citizens outside their sovereign state.”

He added that Interpol Ghana was in talks with their Togolese counterparts to ensure that such breaches do not occur in future.

The police boss also added that Togo should use the right procedures in arresting people in Ghana.

Source: Daily Guide

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