‘Gilets jaunes’: Five takeaways from Macron’s address

By Emma Beswick |Euronews |

French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation amid criticism that he has failed to act over the crisis sparked by his economic reforms.

Here are the key takeaways from his speech.

‘I take my share of responsibility for this’

In the long-awaited speech, Macron said protesters’ anger and indignation was “deep, and in many ways legitimate” but “no anger justifies attacking a police officer, a gendarme or damaging a shop or public building”.

“We undoubtedly haven’t been able to provide a sufficiently fast and strong response for a year and a half,” said Macron. “I take my share of responsibility for this.”

“I want tonight to be very clear with you. If I fought to shake up the political system, habits and hypocrisy it is precisely because I believe more than anything in our country and I love it.”

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