Oldest Mobile Phone Company Revenue Intake Dropping Gradually; Competitors Blamed

Information gathered by the GNN Liberia has revealed that Liberia’s oldest mobile phone company, the LoneStar Cell MTN is having its taste of economy declining under the CDC led Government as its revenue intake is said to be dropping on a regular basic due huge taxes being imposed and other technique being applied to strangulate its services.

According to information, the revenue intake of Lonestar MTN which was annually estimated at $15.7 million has drastically dropped to US$2.5 million due to what our source said is a result of unbearable taxes being imposed by the government, as result the company is finding it difficult to economically recover loses; leaving some of the workforce pf the company at the mercy redundancy.

The nightmare of the company begin since the acquisition of the Liberian operator Cellcom was finalized by Orange, through its subsidiary Orange Côte d’Ivoire, on 6 April 2016, allowing the Group to reinforce its presence in Liberia.

Lonestar Cell MTN launched its commercial operations in Liberia in July 2001, after having successfully won the auction for the first mobile license. Its license covers the use of both GSM and UMTS radio frequencies for the provision of integrated mobile services. Lonestar Cell MTN became the new brand name of the company in September 2007, following the acquisition of its mother company Investcom LLC by MTN Group.

The birth of Lonstar Cell MTN the only mobile company at the time, gave Liberians the opportunity to utilize the mobile phone technology, while at the same time millions of United States Dollars was being acquired from its services nationwide, because at that time there was no competition in the sector.

Being adjusted to the usage of Lonestar Cell MTN  technology (Making and receiving calls via mobile phones and internet services), Liberians were overwhelmed and compelled to found part of its mobile phone services despite of the huge fees which was being charged from scratch cards and others services.

As a result of this, hundreds of Liberians including foreign residents were awarded job opportunities by this GSM Company improving the living conditions f those in its employ, while at the same time the larger population of Liberia was at the highest level enjoying the services of this oldest GSM Company.

With the emergence of Orange GSM in the sector, and the introduction of its many promotional services, including ‘Free calls and other services’ to its many subscribers, reportedly gave birth its nightmare with the browbeaten of its revenue.

Our source further disclosed that political maneuvering is taken place from the outlook of the Liberian Government and some higher ups of Orange GSM to strangulate its competitor (LoneStar MTN GSM Company) by playing some ‘underground’ politics.

However, information just obtained regarding those behind this has voiced out some of those that are behind this issue aimed at pulling down the operations of the competitors of LoneStar Cell MTN.

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