Legislators Order Journalist Philipbert Brown Arrested

Mr. Philipbert Brown, the publisher whose paper, the Hot Pepper Newspaper unearthed the missing 16 billions Liberian dollars

The Publisher of the hot Pepper Newspaper, the paper that broke the news of the alleged missing sixteen billion Liberian dollars, Philipbert S. Brown has been ordered arrested by members of the House of Representatives for his failure to appear before them to make some clarifications on the alleged receiving of bribes by 12 lawmakers; both former and present lawmakers to give authorization to the Central Bank for the printing of L$15.5billion.

The legislators in their arrest orders said on three occasions Journalist Philipbert Brown has failed to appear before them, an attempt they said has disrespected that august body, and therefore has ordered the Ministry of justice to make available officers of the Liberia National Police to arrest the living body of the journalist.

Despite Brown claims of missing money, the Central Bank of Liberia has denied the claims saying all the money printed and brought into the country from 2016 – 2018 were received by the bank.

The claims of missing money have also prompted the Liberian government to seek independent investigation from the United States Government. The US Government is currently investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, after accusing 12 lawmakers both former and present lawmakers of receiving lofty kickbacks to give authorization to the Central Bank for the printing of L$15.5billion, members of that body refuted the claims saying the information is false and misleading.

Lawmakers have alarmed that the report has cast a dark cloud over that august body, thus prompting members of the House of Representatives to invite the Journalist.

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