Minister Flomo wants GOL invest in Health Services

By Emmanuel Mafelah|GNN Central Liberia Correspondent |

Graduates of the Leomor V. School of Health Assistant Annex II

The Minister of Agriculture Dr. Mogana Flomo has underscored the needs for the government of Liberia to do more or invest in the country Health care system.

Dr. Flomo said the health care system in the country is very poor to the extent that when people are sick of common illnesses they have to be taking to other African countries or the Western world for treatment, especially leaders why the downtrodden remain here and die, because they don’t have money to travel.

“Our health services in Liberia is very poor until doctors and Nurses     cannot provide an essential drugs for our people, the only thing they can do for them in more cases is to do their Lab test after that they will be giving prescription by the doctor or Nurse to go buy the medicine in drug stores, because the hospital or clinic don’t have the needed drugs for the patients,” he said.

The Liberian Agriculture Minister said the Country health system is very poor until all the referral hospitals don’t have hospital beds to accommodate patients, adding that patients go the hospitals where doctor and nurse will tell them they don’t medication to their sicknesses on grounds that they don’t have table and other pills.

According to him many Liberian has lost their life, just because they were sick and they took them to hospital and Doctors or Nurses say no bed and their family member have to take them to carry them to other hospital or clinic, and more patients has died in the process.

Dr. Flomo said the health system is poor to the extent that more of the Nurses done know who to talk patients, noting in fact they feel that the patients have go to the hospital to embarrass them and forgetting to know that they(Nurses and Doctors) took oath to save life.

According to Dr. Flomo, he has observed that Nurses at various hospitals and clinics spent more time doing other thing on their phones, especially on social media them paying attention to their patients, adding that this singular a poor health system.

“I knew a lady that refused to go a health center when she was pregnant, because the nurses would has spoken to her the wrong way, and this lady die why giving birth at her home, so the way the nurses and doctors provide health services in the country scare the patients way,” Dr. Flomo stressed.

Minister Flomo is at the same time calling on national government through the Ministry of Health to allow those who want to run medicinal schools in the in the country to do so, adding other African country around Liberia as soon as their students graduate from high schools they are allow to enroll at their medicinal school for 6 years they graduate, expect Liberia were students have to be degree holder before they can enroll at the medicinal school for 10 years before graduating in the country.

He said because of this those few students whom graduate from the medicinal school in the country are not willing to leave the metropolitan and go in the various districts to work.

He believes that when more medicinal schools are open in the country will help to curtail the low number of doctors in the country.

The Minister made the statements in Gbarnga, Bong County when he served as keynote Speaker at the first graduation ceremony of the Leomor V. School of Health Assistant Annex II, in honor of the Unbreakable Scholars of 2017/2018  Class which graduated 19 students in health assistant in the county.

He spoke on the theme: Understanding the concept of health for a vibrant health system.”

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