Pres. Weah Makes More Appointments In Gov’t

President George M. Weah

President George Manneh Weah has made more appointments in government affecting the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In River Gee County, Abraham Kroma becomes the Mandingo Governor; Madam Nyanpu Flomo, Kpelleh Governor; James Tarwor – Gio Governor and Napoleon Gray, Kru Governor.

For Tienpo Statutory District, Daniel Wreh is now Commissioner of Saykliwreh Township; Wilson D. Tarpeh, Commissioner of Tarpehville Township; Victor Wanner, Commissioner of Jolopa Township and Josiah P. Quayee, Commissioner of Cheaboken Township.

According to an Executive Mansion release, others are Thomas Quayee, Commissioner of Tehville Township; Peter S. Toe, Commissioner of Jayeville Township and Daniel W. Toe,Commissioner of Gbmayeaken Township.

In Tuobo Administrative District, Samuel Gbaquie was named City Major of Tuobo Sweaken City; John Bawilly as Commissioner of Sartiyeah Township; Daniel T. Gegbeh is now Commissioner of Dargba Township; Ben Weah, Commissioner of Jarpa Township and Daniel N. Kear, Commissioner Klakor Township.

Webbo Statutory District gets Tarbah Body Freeman as Commissioner of Nyaaken Township, while Gbeapo & Nyenawriken Districts have Hilary Karpeh, Commissioner of Drabor Township; C. Prince Buttee, Commissioner of Nyenawriken Township and Joe Weah as City Major of Joquiken City.

Others are Aloysius Farley, Commissioner of Joborken Township; Ralph Tealey as City Major of Martuaken City and George Tealey, Commissioner of Wessehville Township.

Appointed to Sarbo Statutory District are Fredrick Saibo, Superintendent; Dadieh Billy, Assistant Superintendent for Development; Willington P. Sampson, Inspector; Martha Watkins, Relieving Commissioner and Peter Tweh, Commissioner of Geeken Township.

Potupo District will have D. Nowinne Teh as Commissioner of Gmatu Township and Toe Wallor Sackor, Commissioner of Chegboken Township.

For Chedepo District, Perryson S. Toe is Commissioner of Cheaboken Township; Robert Quayee, Commissioner Quayeeteh Township and Matthew Quayee, Commissioner of Hinnehville Township.

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