Pressure Mounts Over SDPL General Manager’s Removal

Mr. David Parker, General Manager Sime Darby Plantation Liberia

Citizens and residents of Grand Cape Mount and Bomi Counties where the Sime Darby Plantation is operating have angrily petitioned their respective lawmakers to prevail on Sime Darby International to remove David Parker, the General Manager for insecurities.

The statement which was presented to the lawmakers at the Capitol Building craved the approval of both Houses to see reasons on prevailing on the Sime Darby International on the removal of Mr. Parker.

Speaking to reporters after their statement was presented, the leader of the group, Charles Brown said, “Since Mr. Parker took over the Sime Darby Plantation in Liberia, as General Manager, there has been series of instabilities in and around the plantation.”

“That Mr. Parker brought in his own Chief of Securities in the person of Mr. Thomas Walker who instituted a malicious   attitude that resulted into the torturing of John David and Gibson of Damah Town, Bomi and Grand Cape Mount Counties, respectively.”

“He Mr. Walker further extended his malicious actions to  Madina town outside of the plantation instructing his backup security  that he recruited unknown to management  to beat on the town chief that which resulted to breaking of his tooth,” the petition said.

Charles Brown contested for the representative seat of Bomi county but went down to Edwin Snore.  Since his defeat, he has been critical of the company and activities.

The lawmakers last week visited the plantation after the speaker set up a fact finding visit to report on activities at the company. Snowe was part of the team.

But Brown speaking to journalist at the capital building called on politicians not to use SDPL issue to gain political score for election. He said, SDPL has done a lot for the people of those counties and wants government to protect the investment because “if this company leaves tomorrow, no one here will be able to provide jobs for our people. So, we need to be mindful of how we address this Sime Darby issue.”

He said, for the past General mangers all of whom were Malaysians, such news of allege torture never took place. Also, sensitive news from the company was never revealed to government officials. “But since this man came, all of these have been coming out. He does not keep things in confidence. This is very important. If he stays here, we will be tough on him,” he said.

He submitted the statement to the speaker and other chair persons of standing committees. He said, a copy of the petition was sent to the company’s office for onward submission to Malaysia for action.

He said, “You promised to give the company land, you have not given them the land, but you are after them to carry out corporate social responsibility. If the company leaves today, there is no politician that will be able to give jobs to our people,” he made these statements when he appeared on a local radio.

“He further told journalist that “We will remain on this campaign until Parker is removed from there. Such torture has never happened before at the plantation since the company started operations. But as soon as Parker took office, many of these things started happening. Even contractors have not been paid for sometime now. This is unprecedented.”

See below the petition presented to the lawmakers:

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