In Haddad’s $10.7M Debt Case, Gov’t Legal Team Begs For Time For Immediate Settlement, Confirms ‘Overdue’ Of Payment

L/R: Judge Eva Mappy Morgan, Chief Judge of Commercial Court and Mr. George Haddad CEO, Prestige and Alliance Motors Companies

Lawyers representing the legal interest of the Liberian Government in the case involving the payment of $10.7 Million as debt owed the Prestige and the Alliance Motors Companies for services rendered over the years for the supply of vehicles to the Liberian Government has once again appealed to the Judge of the Commercial Court, Chief Judge Eva Morgan Mappy for more time as discussions and initiations regarding the payments are nearing completion.

Making the submission, State lawyer, Cllr. Joseph Fayiah who appeared frustration over the delay of the payment to the complainant (the Prestige and the Alliance Motors Companies) owned by Mr. George Haddad, prayed the Court to allow the discussion currently been held between both parties regarding the resolution of the case be rescheduled on the 29th of January, 2018 at which time he noted, the payment of the amount in question will be addressed.

Following the submission by Cllr. Fayiah, lawyer representing both the Alliance and Prestige Motors Company, Cllr. Moses Paegar told the Court that his team interposes no objection, and further agreed for the next hearing schedule for January 29, 2018 be held, and noted that during the schedule time the entire case will be put to rest by making sure that the amount in question, the $10.7 Million owed the Lebanese businessman, George Haddad will be settled.

For her part, presiding Judge Morgan Mappy after thoroughly listening to both parties for a reschedule hearing accepted, amnd ordered that the hearing of the case will be done on the 29 of January, 2018, as she further adjoined the hearing advising all parties to take note of the new assigned date.

The Alliance and Prestige Motors, representing American and German auto dealers in Monrovia, had sued the Government of Liberia for allegedly refusing to pay for vehicles and spare parts supplied the government in 2003 and up to March 2008.

The action of damage for wrong by businessman Haddad against the Government of Liberia was first filed at the Commercial Court in 2014.

The case was first heard in 2015 by the Commercial Court where state lawyers filed a motion, and questioned whether the Commercial Court had the legal authority over the matter, which occurred between 2003 and 2008 when the court was established in 2011.

Alliance and Prestige Motors lawyers debunked the state lawyers’ claims that though the Commercial Court was established in 2011 by an Act of the National Legislature as a specialized court to adjudicate cases arising of commercial transactions nevertheless when the transaction occurred.

According to lawyers representing the companies, the US$10.7 million vehicles and spare parts supplied has since accumulated huge interest due to the alleged failure by the current Government of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to pay in the last 10 years of her administration.

The lawyers representing the companies have argued in court that the debt case has generated huge interest in the international community, especially the German and American companies, which have supplied the vehicles and spare parts to the Alliance and Prestige Motors in Monrovia,

Present in Court were employees of both Prestige and Alliance Motors Companies along with the General of the Company, Mr. Abrahand Karsie whose daily bread dependent on the Companies.

Some Liberians who were also at the Court today expressed optimistic, and hoped that the January 29, 2018 will hel[ to bring to an end this much publicized debt crisis between the Liberian Government and a Lebanese businessman,  Mr. George Haddad.

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