“Vote Like A Motorcyclist” – Abate Of Liberia Urges 

Mr. Philip E.P. Woods, II, Founder/Organizer

The Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education of Liberia, Inc. (ABATE LIBERIA) is a Civil Society organization crafted from the State of Pennsylvania, United States of America that was founded on, September 3, 1903. ABATE Liberia is now has blessed to enjoy the overall objectives of ABATE of PA, by receiving all it takes to operate in providing education and advocacy for Liberia motorcyclists. The need to have ABATE in Liberia has long been overdue since the population of commercial motorcycles in Liberia, since the 2005 General elections.

The drivers of these motorcycles, known as Pehn, Pehn, are in the frequent violation of traffic regulations, resulting to injuries, unwanted detention, deaths, and the drivers been consider as SUICIDE BOMBERS.
This was so common till the founder and the brain behind this noble organization, Mr. Philip E.P. Woods, II in 2008, formed WoGeS Vehicle and Motorcycle Safety Training services.

Woods with ABATE of PA Chief of Security

Between 2008 and 2010, Mr. Woods did lobby with all stakeholders to form a partnership so as to intervene in resolving the situation, the effort did not attain the needed result, Mr. Woods then travel to the United States of America for opportunities and training to set Liberia above the crisis which was claiming about 4 lives and leveling many injured daily.

Considering all that had happened over the years, the founder of ABATE LIBERIA has been calling on all motorcyclists, passengers, dealers and the general public to REGISTRAR TO VOTE, in the General Election of 2017 and support candidates of their choice, the Election was held on October 10, it did end with two parties going for the Run Off set for December 26, 2017.

F;lash Back: Woods with LMTU Secretary General Robert Sammie

This election will close the chapter of President Ellen Johnson Unity Party government two term, to give way to a new Government. The leadership of ABATE Liberia is calling on all registered Voters to please remain peacefully, especially motorcyclist to go to the poll and vote the leader of their choice, considering the many situations they are confronted with as a sector.

ABATE Liberia is urging all motorcyclists to speak with one voice, identify one out of the two Presidential candidates, Amb. Sen. George M. Weah of the CDC and Amb. VP Joseph N Boikai of the Unity party, whom will be consider as a MOTORCYCLE FRIENDLY PRESIDENT at the end of this Runoff Election. By this development, the next Government will be expected to accommodate the motorcycle sector by enacting legislations to protect the sector and develop avenues to generate funds for Drivers Education then waiting for hand out.

The drivers of theses motorcycles plays a significant role in the transportation sector, they cannot be divorced from the economy development of Liberia. The Government has ignored its responsibility as tax collector by not supporting and enforcing compulsory drivers’ education which could reduce accidents and ensure citizens of equal rights.

ABATE of PA, has convincingly extended its knowhow to Liberia thru ABATE Liberia, considering the high need expressed by Mr. Woods since his membership and the long relationship that has existed between the both Countries, with Liberia social and political framework been copy after the USA. ABATE if whole-heartedly accepted, will serve as a mean of abating the harsh relationship between the Liberian Government, Motorcyclists and the general public during the past years.

ABATE Liberia launched its 2017 Election Awareness Campaign “VOTE LIKE A MOTORCYCLIST” in February this year as a mean of educating Liberian Motorcyclists of their civil duty, to fully participate in the electoral process and political landscape of Liberia development, informing them of supporting their District Representatives campaign financial and morally, and warm against taking money from aspirants for vote, as such was against their interest and future, they were also warned to respect their fellow Countrymen, law and order during these period.

Because of the many social injustices, violence’s that has occurred during the past 12 years, the Government was compared to restrict the operators of motorcycle and even anticipate halting the importation. This anticipation was rejected, because, WoGeS Vehicle and Motorcycle Safety Training Services, now ABATE of Liberia had been in the frontline calling on National Government and Stakeholders to honor International best practice as done in the United States of America, and call for by the United Nations Declared Decade of Actions for Road safety, to give equal rights to all road users, the release concluded.

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