Militancy Is A Fundamental Ingredient To Civil Struggle : NEC Chairman Korkoya Must Resign

Written by: Daniel Trokon Bestman||

At the incipient of the October 10, 2017 elections there were edifying open consultations that investigated the sheen of legitimacy that have acclaimed Cllr. Jerome Korkoya to the position of Chairman of the Board of Commissioners at the National Election Commission.

Cllr. Korkoya however aware of the legitimate results of PERJURY as portrayed by law got messed with a situation that alienated him from the lead of free and fair elections. He unbolted his rivet of dual citizenship and strongly tricked to keep up the Liberian Constitution as a sacred law book. Clear to his doubt, he controlled the elections outcomes to fruition as appeared in pages of the Supreme Court ruinous opinion on December 7, 2017 where the NEC mishandled the normal law of the state.

A fathom some bit of the perilous opinion hinted recusal as a trustworthiness daze for the NEC administrator!

By the admirable significance of this run-off election to our nation fleshing democracy and the gross deficiency of Chairman Korkoya to coordinate free and fair elections, we hold as a people with total fate to change the bumpy history to a smooth and decent one.

This is the time we make history and relinquish it for posterity to evaluate the course taken by then.
Cllr. Korkoya must resign to save Liberia from shame and disgrace!

Let it not be ignored that normal protestation is the significant right of each national, and we as a united people have an ethical obligation to guarantee its succinct dispense as a strategy for conferring our variations to government and it functionaries.

Today history records in its anal a group of liberal supporters fantastically of sharp women drove by one of Liberia overwhelming melodic image, Aunty Miata Fahnbulleh under the vibe of Movement for the Removal of Jerome Korkoya. These open Liberians have taken solace to tranquilly consider our past, particularly elections issues that pillaged our property into backwardness – stretching out from the wrangling of the 1927 election up to date.

These women have examined the fight lines of change makers all around the world and they have unmistakably regarded the focal significance of been blended or illuminated in an especially healthy way subsequently filling the role of aggressors. Militancy with respect to their civil struggle construed consistency to their greatest advantage for ordinary election in other to save Liberia from any flammable razzmatazz that may mix if there ought to emerge an event of dissatisfaction.

Regardless of the way that our supporters of the recusal talk about are not legally settled to be clung to by law; however in normal situation of bargain sensible people will act in loyalty to at present, little voice given their pessimistic appearance in prevalent supposition.

Thusly, the most vital thing to be recorded in the midst of our age is the recusal clarification of Chairman Korkoya from the run-off election since he is a token of set up bungles. There are other more dexterous authorities on the very Board and his integrity break needs to give a way for another person to make the history he has veered off from.

It should be seen that first races drove under the mindful judgments of Chairman Korkoya were destroyed by tremendous deception and gross irregularities and in light of those wrong shadows on the parts of the NEC official, the astute women bundle piloted by Madam Miata Fahnbulleh, a group of resolved supporters of the ruling Unity Party led by Attorney-at-Law George B. Kailondo and a Consortium of Civil Society Organizations have all stood up at the Headquarters of the NEC to express that they don’t have any trust in the know-how of Chairman Jerome Korkoya to coordinate the run-off election given his ensnarement in the Supreme Court opinion in which it asked for modification of the run-off process consistent with laws.

There has been no assertion for the full cleanup of the Final Registration Roll (FRR); Clean-up of the FRR isn’t to the latent assent of the citizens; The date get ready for the run-off isn’t consistent with laws as facilitated by the conventional Supreme Court; yet concerned citizens appreciate strategies and activities coordinated by Chairman Korkoya nevertheless with strong reservation. It will be a get for all Liberians if the system we contribute our resources convey a dependable outcome where all competitors will be satisfied.

We have reached the decisive Rubicon where individual intrigue is set beneath group intrigue!

It is clarion call to all meaningful Liberians and organizations whether close-by or worldwide to go about according to the positive point of view of the protest – supporting Cllr. Korkoya resignation. The movement taken by these Liberians is welcoming and it is built up significantly in the line of civil redemptive struggles. It was from persuading pages of history we saw exceptional Leaders like Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf supplemented militancy in her struggle history as a mean of passing on her differences to constituted authorities.

We saw Madam Lemah Roberta Gbowee in her pray the devil to hell struggle similarly equipping militancy as she assembled the assistance of women to serenely challenge the confusion of the 90s to the Almighty God. Malcolm X used militancy as a course to restrict the shading disconnection that got his age; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. normal help against racial seclusion and even Protestant reformer Martin Luther furnished their individual struggle with the fundamental component of militancy in the regard of civil struggle.

Veraciously, when wrongs exist there will be brave and average characters that will seethe against those wrongs and sharpen the normal irregularities that have given in those wrongs.


Until Chairman Korkoya leaves we hold that the credibility of the run-off election will be recolored and the issue about trade off will be escape for quite a while.

Prohibitively or unequivocally Cllr. Korkoya must leave in light of the way that has given PERJURY!
For us this race is our life!

Likewise, we can’t empower its comprehension to be taken an enthusiasm by segments that peaked at tasting Liberia afresh into foulness!

Madam Sirleaf has set the stage we should secure the stage with our life as a people!


What is being expressed above is the personal view of this writer, and not the view of GNN-Liberia

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