Last Rush! As Millions Put In Unspecified Foreign Accounts – GNN Investigation Discovered

As the Unity Party led Government is gradually approaching its end in January 2018, GNN-Liberia investigation has discovered that some officials of the Liberian Government are doing all in their powers to rob the country of its needed financial intakes and other resources.

According to the investigation, some key ministers and their deputies including their financial chiefs in government are robustly taking advantage of the end of tenue of this government by making sure to pocket whatever cash they can lay their hands on in their bid to enrich themselves at the detriment of the Liberian people.

Our investigations also discovered that a certain member of the Liberian cabinet recently transfer huge amount of cash to an unspecified account in the United States, while at the same time their deputies who are closely observing the transactions of their bosses have also resolved to do the same.

Documents in the possession of this news outlet regarding the alleged dubious transaction of these officials, whose names are to be disclosed in our subsequent publication, also revealed that these officials on a monthly basis transfer money into their personal accounts.

Some of the checks in the possession of GNN-Liberia with name of recipients clearly indicated that these individuals are also using taxpayers’ money to purchase luxurious homes abroad, making specific reference of a compound bought by one of the officials in Atlanta Georgia, the United States, with the hope that if the next government takes over, these homes being bought will be used as their hideouts in their bid to escape from any prosecution.

Details of this investigation comes out in our subsequent posting.

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