George Weah’s Presidential Bid Swells, As Muslim Groups in Western Liberia Pledge Support

As Liberians ponder over the holding of the runoff election after the Supreme Court ordered the National Elections Commission to proceed with the process, several Muslim groups in western Liberia over the weekend pledged their support to the presidential bid of George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The endorsement, which was held over the weekend at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, brought together imams and women and youth groups.

Bobby M. Sheriff, Sr., who read the endorsement statement, said they strongly believe that Sen. Weah is prepared to address issues affecting Liberia and its people, as well as working with everyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

He said the coalition represents all sectors of Liberia, because its members hail from villages, towns, and cities with many of them being students, market women, teachers, motorcyclists, farmers, street vendors, engineers, doctors and much more.

“We want to first thank all of those who turned out to vote during the first round of the elections and also thousands of Muslims who worked hard with their various political parties in reaching thus far and showing to the world that Liberians are peaceful. Today, we are joining a political revolution and it continues until victory is certain,” Sheriff said.

“The United Muslims Organization of Liberia, in collaboration with twenty other Muslim groupings, including imams, unanimously agreed to support Weah of the CDC for the runoff election.”

He said they will continue to work hard to ensure the election of a government that will represent the entire population of Liberia, and not just a few.

“We have come to make a conscious decision that will be in the interest of Liberia, because Liberia needs a different kind of leader that will bring real and positive change. Over the time, we have had the opportunity to speak and interact with Liberians, including Muslims who have said that this election is about their needs,” he said.

Sheriff said they believe that Weah is the next president of Liberia, and endorsing him is the best decision, adding, “Weah is prepared to address issues affecting the country through the evaluation of the CDC platform.”

According to him, a CDC government will create thousands of jobs for the people, build the country’s infrastructure and make Liberia all inclusive.

“Weah will build roads, schools, provide access to electricity in various homes and businesses, and support the agricultural sector. This election is about bringing health services to the people and reducing the unemployment rate that affects the people, especially college graduates,” he said.

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