To Disrupt Elections? – As Controversial Recordings Reveal Outrage And Desperation In Party Camp

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Controversial recordings between two men whose identities, be it political and personal, are yet to be established have revealed deeper outrage and desperation in a particular political camp.

In the recording, according to a local daily, The New Republic Newspaper, the men are heard talking about plans to disrupt the elections (runoff), they also talked about reasons things are not going their (party) way, making specific reference to the treatment of the ‘oldma,’ though they did not name the person referred to as ‘oldma.’

Besides discussing ways to disrupt the elections, the two discussants also figured out reasons things are not working positively for the ‘party.’ “This thing, the people that spoiled it is the party,” one of them said, without referencing a particular party.

With his friend agreeing with his position, he added “going against the oldma spoils the whole thing.” “Yes, comrade, that’s what spoils the whole thing; if we had not gone against that oldma.”

One of them thinks if they had consistently engaged and talked to the oldma, she was going to agree and come back to the party. This paper could not establish the oldma they referenced in their discussion, but it is known that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who in most cases is referred to as oldma and her party, Unity Party, are at loggerheads.

She is accused of not supporting the party, or the presidential bid of her vice president, Joseph Nyumah Boakai. The party claims she is supporting the Coalition for Democratic Change, such claims the CDC and the presidency have consistently denied.

“If we have continuously talked to the oldma, she was going to come back to us; but going gutta with the oldma, using all kinds of profane language on her is not welcoming,” one of them insists.

“It already waste, nothing we can do to clean it; the only thing we can do now is to just fight for ourselves; if we don’t fight for ourselves, then we finish.”

In the discussion, the men mentioned Costa and his papay, Benoni Urey, saying that his (Urey’s) preoccupation is his business, how he can get leverage. This paper could not explain what that supposed to mean.

One said, “Mr. Urey is not a bad man too; the only problem is….. you know, he knows most of these ex-combatants.”

One of them claimed to have met him (Urey) sometimes ago, during which he alleged he (Urey) expressed disappointment at the conduct of the oldma in the election.

“All kinds of things he was talking that day; so me, the way I look at the whole thing, the best thing is to see how we can put some pekin in the streets, “one of them still insists.

The two yet-to-be identified discussants also talked about plans to meet with some elements, to include one Robert Kpadeh and the Defense Minister.

This paper could not establish whether names are those of Unity Party’s Robert Kpadeh or Liberian Defense Minister.

They men also mentioned one Moore Ali and Boakai Jaliebah, referring to them as “social media men” who are behind Sherman. Whatever the situation, they talked about meeting them to discuss the plan.

In the recording, one of them was heard saying “we have to be tactical, this election will finish, but this country will remain; if these men can do it, I will go right here Nimba; we can get some pekin right around the border; this is just in Monrovia. We don’t need to attack the counties, only in town we just need to disturb.”

“While the whole noise is going on, the international community will come in, they will say the people not satisfied, then the whole thing will be outside down; that’s all we need to do.”

“Yes, that is true; that the disgrace we talking about; that Oppong (reference to Weah) man, we can make him president of this country.”

The two discussants were also heard praising someone whom they described as “certified blackmailer,” while they also took aims at Prince Johnson. According to them, it is he that caused the whole problem, saying “if he had come to us for this runoff, the whole thing was going to be over.”

They also mentioned Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party in the conversation, referring to him as “a complete dictator” who should not be trusted.

“You know that when went to the papay place, he talked about it. He said that man only doing this thing to jerk it, so this thing can go through; but he can help.”

They also talked about insolvency of the party, and also mentioned one Varney Sherman, whom they said supposed to help, but is not forthcoming.

“Ba, I do not understand this whole thing mehn,” one said frustratingly.

This paper could not identify those whose voices are in the recording and are behind the plans to disrupt the elections.

Though they mentioned names of people close to the Unity Party, it is difficult to establish whether the men are UP supporters or partisans, or the recording is the work of an opposition party intended to besmear another party.


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