Liberian Students In Ghana Concern About Home Country Post-Elections Brouhaha, Noting That ‘It Is A Threat To Democracy’  

Liberians studying in Ghana Under the banner ‘Liberian Students Association – Ghana’, (LISA Ghana)  have issued a statement signed by its Cornelius R. U-Sayee on the current electoral crisis in Liberia, according to a dispatch, the students in that West African said the  prolong legal action is endangering the fledgling democracy of Liberia.

Below is the full  text of the statement:

For nearly over a month now, we have monitored the post-election effects in Liberia and things seem not to be improving as many persons and some political parties yield for legal battle. This prolong legal action is endangering our fledgling democracy.

The Liberian Students Association, Ghana in conjunction with Liberian Students at the Obafemi Awolowo University and Liberian students at the Institute of Philosophy Ibadan, Nigeria, want to reecho what President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said and concord with the statement of the US Embassy in Liberia that, the current electoral brouhaha in our motherland remains a “threat to our democracy” and a springboard for political instability, and a recipe for socio-political division.

The fragment of irregularities observed by both local and international observers and parties’ polling agents are not sufficient enough to overturn the results of the October 10 election by ignoring the voices of the 1.6 million voters who went to the poll. If this should happened, it will be a slap in the face of modern democracy and grave injustice to the Liberian people.

We appreciate the speedy intervention of the National Election Commission (NEC) on this post-electoral challenge, and we appraise their commitment to the rule of law. We entreat them to persistently fly on the wings of transparency, accountability and fairness.

The rule of law is an integral part of Liberia’s democracy but it should not be used to the detriment of its citizenry. Hence, it is our hope that the Supreme Court will rule in the interest of the Liberian people come Thursday, 7 December. We believed that Liberians are not ready to receive another transitional government…we are tired of being in transition. Therefore, the students’ community vehemently reject any form of decorated interim government for Liberia.

The Liberian students’ community of both Ghana and Nigeria are very concern about the inconvenience socio-political situation in Liberia that have kept our country economic activities static for some time. This stagnant nature of our economy is also felt by us – students, since many students here relied on sponsoring organizations and their parents or relatives for survivor on campuses. Also, the painful thing about the current situation is that, so-called politicians and their families are not feeling the consequences of their actions rather it is the ordinary Liberians – the masses who they claimed to be liberating from societal ills to prosperity. We are using this medium to call on officials of embassies in Liberia, to deny politicians and their family members’ visa in case of any attempt to leave the country until the current situation is duly resolved.

We must emphatically state that, no amount of greed and self-interest should reverse the gains that we made over the years. We have intentionally chosen peace over war, nonviolence over violence, patriotism over disloyalty and commitment over self-satisfaction. The trumpet for Liberia’s forward march is ready and we can’t afford not to march forward – the bell for a new and progressive Liberia is ringing from all angles of Liberia’s fifteen counties and we can’t afford to miss such an opportunity for our motherland. Let us endure to find the missing link of Liberia’s prosperity which is a prevailing imperative for a functioning society. As it is stated in our National Anthem“…in union strong success is sure, we cannot fail with God above…” let us put Liberia first!

May God bless Liberians and protect our State!

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