Liberians Stage ‘Protest March’ Against Killings, Molestation of Africans, As MOBANAL Calls On Libyans, Writes US, Libyan Embassies

By Reuben Sei Waylaun|

Protesters at Libyan Embassy in Sinkor Monrovia

As the public outcries for the emancipation of Africans in Libya intensify, the Movement for Born and Naturalized Liberians (MOBANAL) has joined the calls for the liberation of Africans who are reportedly going through tortures and inhumane sufferings minted against them reportedly by Libyans.

Of recent, there have been widespread outcries over what is called modern day slavery in the north African nation of Libya as other Africans seek for greener pastures in Europe.

MOBANAL’s Executive Director Augustine Otiode read the statement for onward presentation to the Ambassador

In a statement to the Libyan Embassy and copies submitted to the American Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MOBANAL lamented the arbitrary detention, tortures, other ill-treatment, unlawful killings, sexual exploitation, and a host of other abuses.

The organization reminded the Libyan Government through its embassy that under the international human rights law, the detention of migrants solely for reasons related to their immigration status should never be mandatory or automatic.

Libyan Ambassador to Liberia, Mohamed Omar Mohamed Talbi, receiving the statement

The statement signed by the organization’s Executive Director Augustine Otiode and chairman Prince O. A. Akinremi, they said the migrants have the right to security, and liberty of person, irregular entry or stay within a country should not constitute a criminal offence as the individual has not committed a crime against the person, property or national security.

They also said Libya as a signatory to numerous international conventions should act promptly to remedy the situation.

“Our peaceful assembly here today is a magnification of our unacceptability of these ill-treatments melted on Africans in Libya. Even though we know that migration is a human right crisis because of what migrants suffer during course of travelling arbitrary detention, torture and abuses of all kinds,” MOBANAL said in a statement.

Official of the US Embassy near Monrovia receives the statement from MOBANAL’s Executive Director

Members of the organization carried placards with various inscriptions: ‘remember Libyans we are all neighbors, so stop, respect women, stop seizing of human liberty, no price for human being irrespective of their wrong doing among others.

In a peaceful assembly, MOBANAL wants Libyans to stop the reported killing, molestation, brutality and slavery of other African brothers and sisters of negro descent immediately.

They also want investigation where appropriate to prosecute human trafficking and smuggling offences while ensuring respect for the human rights of those accused as well as the smuggled and trafficked persons.

“Ensure that irregular migration is de-criminated and ensure that migrants can effectively access justice and human rights protection. We are all negros and need to behave like brother keepers by demonstrating the highest degree of hospitality when your brothers and sisters to your home so as to attract reciprocity in case tomorrow,” the group added.

At the American embassy near Monrovia, a staff received the statement and promised to forward to his immediate bosses for redress.

At the same time, Libyan Ambassador to Liberia, Mohamed Omar Mohamed Talbi, in receiving the statement said he is disappointed over the inhumane situation back in his country, but said criminals are everywhere and Libya is of no exception.

Protesters at US Embassy

Ambassador Talbi said Libya has experienced lots of instabilities since for almost six years, and a constituted government is not actually in place, which he said is affecting the country.

The Libyan envoy called on Africans and their leaders to jointly confront the crisis in order to put an end to the jostling of migrants.

“I have received your statement. I assure you people I am going to deliver it to the higher authority. My country and our people are victims just like you; what is happening in Libya is out of hand. In Libya since 2011, there have been no central government, no military and no Police,” Talbi lamented.

He further maintained that “No Libyans will do such a bad thing; we will never do that and we can assure you that we are going to find all those people who are doing the bad things in Libya and bring them to justice. We Libyans are proud to be Africans. You know Libya is proud to be part of a united Africa, so please go behind this conspiracy because we will never do such a bad thing to our African brothers and sisters, he concluded.

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