Immigration Crisis: Dozen of Liberians in US Face Deportation

By Blama G. Konuwah |

U.S. children born to Liberian parents urging immigration relief for their parents and relatives

ONTARIO, CANADA —Reports reaching Globe Afrique say about 200 Liberians are allegedly in prisons in the state of Minnesota, the USA awaiting deportation.  Four Liberians were deported yesterday, November 17, 2017, leaving behind young children. About 55 Liberians could be deported from Minnesota soon, according to unconfirmed sources.

The Organization of Liberians in Minnesota hosted an Immigration forum and the deportation statistics were provided.

These deportation statistics and information are only being revealed about Minnesota; no other deportation information or data is being obtained from other U.S. states with significant Liberian population.

Some leaders in various Liberian community across believe similar secret deportations of Liberians in other States are said to be ongoing.

Multiple Immigration lawyers across the U.S. apparently have informed their Liberian clients that the once Liberian TPS/DED safe alibi may not be extended therefore Liberians in such situation needed to know their rights as ‘refugee’.

Advocacy groups are urging Liberians in similar circumstances to know the nature of their Immigration case and should not be deceived into paying money to any immigration services representatives unless they were sure of the options available.

One immigrant advocate said every Liberian Immigrants organization must pay attention to the Immigration crisis facing the Liberian Diaspora community.

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Source: Globe Afrique Media

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