Cracking Liberia’s ‘grass ceiling’ – the girl mixing it with the boys

By Tamasin Ford| BBC Africa, Abidjan|

Jessica Quachie: The 10-year-old Liberian with a big footballing dream

A girl in a striking turquoise dress flies past the boys. The football, almost flat, never leaves her bare toes.

A stream of sandy dirt puffs into the air as a boy crashes to the ground trying to tackle her.

After she scores, the kids crumble to the ground laughing, dizzy in the heat.

Girls have not traditionally played football in Liberia, so much so that the sport is referred to as ‘man-ball’ in many communities, but 10-year-old Jessica Quachie is helping change perceptions.

She comes from West Point, Liberia’s biggest slum community in the capital Monrovia, which sits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

“This is where I started playing football when I was six,” she tells BBC Sport, proudly pointing to a patch of dirt between a cluster of tin-roofed houses.

It’s an inauspicious springboard for a journey that has enabled her to learn to read, fly on a plane for the first time and develop dreams of a professional career.

In the last month, she has also shown off her talents in front of scouts representing Manchester United and reigning French champions Monaco.

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Source: BBC Sport

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