Moscow Moves to Further Monopolize the Syrian Peace Process


Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. (Photo credit: The Kremlin)

During the latest round of Syrian peace talks in Astana last week, Russia proposed a new “Syrian Congress on National Dialogue” to take place in the Russian city of Sochi on November 18. According to Moscow, the conference would bring together major segments of Syrian society to resolve key issues surrounding a post-war political arrangement, including a new constitution. But, n the eyes of the Syrian opposition, the Sochi dialogue is merely Russia’s latest and most blatant attempt to dominate Syrian peace negotiations and supplant the UN-brokered process in Geneva.

In response to Russia’s announcement, leading representatives of the Syrian opposition denounced the Sochi talks and refused to attend. The High Negotiations Committee (HNC) of the Syrian opposition decried the invitation as “part of Moscow’s efforts to hijack the solution outside the framework of international legitimacy” and refused “to discuss the future of Syria outside the UN legal framework.” The HNC’s Mohammad Alloush characterized the conference as nothing more than a “meeting between the regime and the regime.”

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Source: News Now/Muftah

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