Nation Times On FPA Publisher’s U.S. lawsuit Suit, But Sieh Rubbishes Allegation

L/R: FPA Publisher, Rodney Sieh and Nation Times Ex-Publisher Octavin Williams

The Managing Editor of the independent Front Page Africa (FPA) newspaper Rodney Sieh is said to be finding it difficult with an alleged lawsuit in the United States for his alleged failure to settle his rental indebtedness to his former landlord, Greenview Garden apartments or to report to Warren County Courthouse, 413 on Second Street, Belvidere, NJ 0723 with his lawyer if he couldn’t underwrite the cost of legal service to vindicate himself.

According to the Nation Times newspaper November 8, 2017, quoting a U.S. based source, said while this case was ongoing, a Liberian women identified as Yewande Adebayo-Richardson on September 7th, 2010, issued a notice of summons in a lawsuit filed by against Rodney Sieh and the management of Front Page Africa, LLC was published on the TLC Africa online newspaper in keeping with Superior Court of New Jersey USA.

According to the paper, the FPA Managing Editor may face an arrest if any attempt made by him to travel to the United States without diplomatic status. The Nation Times newspaper also alleged quoting US source, Mr. Sieh has been charged on many legal accounts and looked at with moral criminality pointed irresponsible behavior and persistent failure to settle his indebtedness to the real estate company while he was a resident in Hackettstown, New Jersey, USA.

According to the paper,   the compliant has prayed the Superior Court of New Jersey, USA through Greenview Garden Apartments real estate Company to ensure that Rodney Sieh shows up in court to make legal payment for rent he owed the company in the amount of US$2,017.00, the paper quoting documents from the Court Docket revealed.

According to the Superior Court of New Jersey docket, Rodney Sieh was permanently removed from said apartment from the premises of Greenview Garden Apartment due to his alleged refusal to make settlement of his rental obligation during the period of 2007 and 2008.

The matter was made public due to the nature of the case which involved Sieh leaving the United States abandoning payments on a 2004 Toyota Highlander at $32,512.96. Sieh fraudulently obtained co-signature from Mrs. Richardson under the guise that Frontpage Africa investors would quickly pay the car off. With no payoff occurring, it was agreed that the car would be refinanced to relieve Mrs. Richardson of the debt.

Following a necessary dissolution of a four-year association and brief period of residing in Mrs. Richardson’s NJ home, Sieh went on to not only stow away the car with unaware parties but refused to inform Mrs. Richardson of the whereabouts of the car over the two-year period. These actions resulted in the destruction of Mrs. Richardson’s credit rating with a repossession now on file which has serious financial implications for anyone residing or conducting business in the United States of America.

Instead of acknowledging these facts, Sieh published a press release on September 13th, 2010 dismissing the case as a fabrication of lies and presenting the matter as a case of a jilted individual being used as a pawn to detract from his tar paper publication and his self-professed work to stamp out corruption in the Government of Liberia.

As the case draws to a close before the Superior Court of New Jersey, Mrs. Richardson also published evidence in the case. Exhibits containing personal data such as her credit reports will be withheld. All efforts have been made to shield the identities of outside parties where necessary. Mrs. Richardson has also published sample final communications with Sieh and vice versa (September/November 2008) to highlight Sieh’s blatant lack of integrity and credibility with statements submitted to the Superior Court of New Jersey and published for the Liberian public and members of the Diaspora

Feb. 2008 – Rodney Sieh purchased car jointly with Yewande Adebayo-Richardson. Verbal arrangement was made based on Sieh’s promise that Frontpage Africa investors would pay the car off three months from purchase and the car would subsequently be transferred to Liberia, West Africa for company business (Frontpage Africa, LLP). Pay off never occurred (Exhibit A- Joint Contract with Toyota Motor Corporation for 2004 Toyota Highlander purchased at $32,512.96).

However, Mr. Rodney Sieh has sharply reacted to the allegation leveled against him, by the management of the Nation Times Newspaper at the Civil Law Court before his Honour Yussif D. Kaba for Action of Damages.

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