‘Dad Didn’t Hack People Up, He Didn’t Rape’ – Son of Ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor Speaks Out

Philip Taylor, son of former African warlord Charles Taylor: considers himself to be clan chief, charged with clearing the family name. Photograph: Lorraine Mallinder

Philip Taylor is losing patience with the chickens. They peck at his feet, flapping their wings and clucking furiously. “I’m gonna freakin’ . . .” he says, lifting a foot, as if to kick them off the patio. But he thinks again, takes a deep breath and recomposes himself.

Over the course of the evening, the 34 year old takes a few deep breaths. Being the son of Charles Taylor, Liberia’s jailed warlord president, and Jewel Howard-Taylor, who may become the country’s next vice-president, has not exactly been plain-sailing.

That very morning, his father had called from his prison cell at HMP Frankland in England to dispense some Zen wisdom. “Dad reminded me to be focused. He said: ‘Always be calm, don’t lose your temper, analyse the situation,’” says Philip. “When I talk to him, he sounds like he’s in a six-star hotel.”

Unlike his once-flamboyant father, Philip prefers to keep a low profile. Ensconced behind the high walls of his Monrovia residence, the political science graduate pursues his passion for gangster rap, a creative outlet for his pent-up frustrations.

As “Bentman the Don”, he rolls out the standard gangster tropes, but there are also some clues to his real-life identity. “Come on baby, you can roll with government plates/Ain’t my money, you can spend that government cake,” he raps on Don’t You Baby.

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Source: The Irish Times

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