Liberian Students In Ghana On Home Country Electoral Process

Cornelius U-Sayee, President (LISA-GH)

We have over the past weeks observed that Liberians and their local and international partners witnessed a peaceful electoral process during the October 10 polls amid some alarms of irregularities.

We want to thank the National Elections Commission (NEC), political parties and their partisans and sympathizers, and all registered voters for convincing the world that Liberians are capable of protecting and maintaining their peace irrespective of their political, ideological, social, and tribal differences.

Our distinguish congratulations to the main opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the ruling Unity Party (UP) who made it to the 7 November runoff election. It is a sign that the people of Liberia believed in your leadership and your capacity to lead.

The Liberian Students Association Ghana (LISA-Ghana) is cognizant of the multiple divisive messages and hate speeches that are being propagated on the social media and other mass media outlets across the country and the world in relation to the forthcoming November 7 runoff election. We want to emphatically state that no amount of parochial and egoistic interest should distort the peace and tranquility Liberians enjoy today.

The runoff is another golden opportunity for Liberians to demonstrate their sense of patriotism and nationalism over personal gains. We must in all ways prevent the “Kenya rerun election” scenario in Liberia. Let the world know that we are the architect of our own destiny and our vote is a vote for a more peaceful, transformed, and sustainable Liberia.

During the latter part of our meeting with NEC chairman Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya in February of this year, he assured us of a free, fair, and transparent election. We hope he will fervently uphold this sacred obligation and promise in the November 7th poll because elections are not selections and they are to be conducted on the pillars of transparency and justice rather than favoritism.

To all politicians and standard bearers of political parties in Liberia, especially members of the CDC and UP, we consciously entreat you to avoid being the impetus, source, and energizer of any electoral or post electoral violence…spread words of peace and non-violence into the minds and hearts of your partisans and sympathizers. But if you deem it necessary and wish to instigate or stimulate people into the streets, towns, and villages to create chaos and mayhem, first begin by sending your children, wives, brothers, sisters, nephews, and nieces. It is only under such atmosphere that the young people of Liberia will follow you in your overwhelming and desperate quest for state power.

We affectionately want to encourage all registered voters to go out in their numbers to vote like they did during the October 10 polls; especially the youths as we envision the transition to a “new Liberia” come November 7th. We are hopeful for an inclusive, just, and opportunistic Liberia, and we are certain that our peace is irreversible and our developmental progress can no longer be stagnated.

Vote peacefully, Vote smartly, and vote Liberia!!!

Thank you!

Signed:                                                                                    Approved: Cornelius R. U-Sayee – President

Elizabeth Queen Touah  – PRO

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