As Run-Off Draws Closer, Wearisome VP Boakai Admits How Ellen Is Supporting George Weah’s CDC

Flash Back: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in a chat with her Vice President, Joseph Nyuma Boakai

After months of speculations that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is supporting the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), abandoning her own political party, the Unity Party (UP) and its presidential candidate, Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, the political victim, Vice President Boakai has finally confirmed that yes indeed, the President (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) is supporting the CDC.

Addressing partisans of the Unity Party recently to express his thanks and appreciation to them, the Liberian Vice President made specific reference on how President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is opening supporting the CDC, noting, “What is even more concerning Is the fact that the Standard Bearer Emeritus (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) is not supporting us, but we have received disconcerting and credible information from multiple sources even within opposition political parties that the Standard Bearer Emeritus and individuals close to her and operating under her main opponent in the presidential race, the CDC,” Vice President Boakai in a rather frustrated tune told his partisans.

Speaking further, VP Boakai also disclosed that he has not received any support from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, adding, “Neither my campaign nor the Unity Party has received any support from the President. All attempts by me or individuals operating upon my instructions to extend a hand of cooperation to the Standard Bearer Emeritus have yielded little or no success. Instead, the Standard Bearer Emeritus is on record for making statements to the international media, that wittingly or unwittingly, have the net effect of detracting from our quest for the presidency,” VP Boakai told his supporters.

With this latest revelations from the Vice President, it is now confirmed that the speculations being spread around the country, that the entire family members of the President have all pledged their unflinching support to the CDC, and that one of the Sons of the President, Robert Sirleaf recently dished out huge amount to the party aimed taken over the senatorial post from George Weah when elected as president.

Since he broke his silence on the nor support of President Sirleaf towards his presidential bid, Liberians at street corners and entertainment centers are murmuring about the action of the president to abandon her Vice President in his quest for the nation’s presidency.

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