U.S. Based Liberian Journalist Subpoenaed by US. Gov. in Philly’s War Crimes Trial

By Staff Writer | The AfricaPaper

James Kokulo Fasuekoi

Philadelphia, Pa., – The Associate Editor for The AfricaPaper, James Kokulo Fasuekoi, has been subpoenaed by the United States Federal Court in Philadelphia, Pa., to serve as a key witness in the upcoming war crimes trial, United States of America vs. Mohammed Jabbateh.

Fasuekoi, who covered the more than decade-long civil war in Liberia, that left thousands dead and more than 700,000 displaced, will appear at the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania this week.

Jabbateh, a businessman and resident of East Lansdowne, Pa., was arrested in April last year by the Feds for charges ranging from alleged immigration fraud, perjury, to 10 Counts of war crimes, including, “the murder of civilian non-combatants,” “recruitment of child soldier,” and “kidnapping and sexual enslavement of women,” which prosecution lawyers argued, he committed during Liberia’s bloody civil war between December 1989-1996.

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Source: The Africa Paper

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