Gwaikolo Campaign Storms Mehnsonon District

By Joe Bartuah |

CAMPAIGN ALERT: Latest reports reaching Friends of Gwaikolo (FOG-USA) indicate that Dr. Johnson N. Gwaikolo and his energetic campaign entourage were warmly received with fanfare and jubilation, as they continue the final leg of their Cinderella campaign in Nimba County District-9. Our sources in Mehnla, Layntein and Glehyee-Zorpea speak of throngs of people coming out to formally welcome the incoming Representative of District-9.

Due to the festive features of the event in Mehnla, Team Gwaikolo was constrained to spend the night in Mehnla, home town of the late Chief Weh-Dorliae, the legendary Paramount Chief who served then Yarwin-Mehnsonon Chiefdom for 35 consecutive years. From Mehnla, Dr. Gwaikolo and team proceeded to Glehyee-Zorpea, home town of the outgoing Representative, where another festive welcome awaited them.

From Glehyee-Zorpea, Team Gwaikolo went to Layntein. Reports say after combing Mehnsonon Administrative District to ensure that no political stone remains unturned, Dr. Gwaikolo and some members of his campaign entourage will visit some strategic towns in the candidate’s home district—Zehnla Administrative District—before retiring in Zeekepa headquarters to cast his decisive winning vote on Tuesday, October 10th.

Before going to Mehnsonon District, Dr. Gwaikolo had held several campaign events in Blinlon, Doe, Gbi & Doru Administrative Districts, spreading his message of “peace, reconciliation, love, unity and development” among his brethren. Last weekend and a couple of days after, Team Gwaikolo held festive campaign events in Doumpa, Zuaplay and Graie, in Doe Administrative District.

Meanwhile, reports from Monrovia indicate that the former popular Commissioner of Yawin-Mehnsonon District, Mr. Robert Duo is vigorously coordinating the transportation activities of the Gwaikolo campaign. Our sources indicate that Mr. Duo is exerting every effort to ensure that all citizens of District-9, who had actually registered to vote in the district get to their respective precincts to enable them cast their vote on Tuesday.

It can be recalled for that the Gwaikolo-for-District-9 Campaign was launched on August 12, 2017 in Kwendin Township, Blinlon Administrative District, thirteen days after the National Election Commission formally declared the opening of campaign. Campaigning for the October 10th elections began on July 31, 2017.


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