Nigerian Accuses President Sirleaf’s sister in Liberia’s $18 Million Scandal

By Paul Stevens |

Mr. Estrada Bernard, legal adviser to President Sirleaf and his wife, Janine Johnson Bernard, elder sister of President Sirleaf

Outgoing Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is eulogized as one of greatest African female leaders the world has ever known but her reign as president of Liberia seems to be demoralized day after day as allegation of corruption, public theft and money laundry continue to gnaw Liberia’s social and political fabric in close-knit areas under her watch.

Some former and current officials of the Sirleaf-led government as well as friends, cronies and family members have evidently become richer by plundering the people’s money in connivance with non-political foreign actors and forces that range from Lebanese business people to other West African deals makers who have grown to the extent of dictating terms to the Liberian Governments.

Globe Afrique’s research and analysis team, in recent months, uncovered the theft of $18 million United States dollars siphoned out of Liberia from the coffers of the Liberian government through bogus road and related construction contracts under the auspices of a Nigerian owned company, Pealat Construction Company, run by a former Nigerian soldier, Tony Lawal.

Lawal, who served in the Economic Community of West African States Peace Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) forces in Liberia, has since escaped from the country back to his homeland of Nigeria.

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Source: Globe Afrique

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