U.S. Based NASAPAL Introduces ABATE In Liberia

Philip E P Woods, the brain behind the formation of ABATE

The National Safety Partnership of Liberia, NASAPAL Incorporated is to shortly to introduce to the people of Liberia, the Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education, ABATE of Liberia. ABATE is an American initiated Advocacy organization for Motorcyclists, founded as far back as September 3, 1903 in the United States of America.

According to a press  release from the United States, said ABATE has branches in all States by Charters and Districts. For the past seven years, we have been lobbying with ABATE of PA, to extend its knowhow to Liberia, as a means of harmonizing the relationship between the Liberian Government, Motorcyclists and the public.

In view of the above, ABATE of Liberia is pleased to launch its 2017 Election Awareness Campaign “VOTE LIKE A MOTORCYCLIST” VLAM is gear towards educating Liberian Motorcyclists of their civil duty to fully participate in the social, economy and political landscape of Liberia development by respecting their fellow Countrymen, law and others.

ABATE OF LIBERIA is calling on all motorcyclists, passengers, dealers and supporters to come together with one voice in identifying MOTORCYCLE FRIENDLY CANIDATES in these Elections, by this development, the next Government shall dialog with the motorcycle sector than banning the importation role they play, then restricting their movement. The Government has ignored its responsibility as tax collector, by not creating means to support riders education.


Abate is calling on all Motorist to meet with their District and Presidential Candidates, to listen to what their plans are for their sector, and to tell them what they need for their sector when they shall vote for them.

During the political campaign, motorcyclists are used as convey leaders, after elections, they are restricted not to enter the City or drive after 10 PM. Commercial motorcyclists are considered suicide bombers, meaning they are run over by 4 wheels vehicles, injured or killed, and that’s it.

Because of these many social injustices, violence’s had been on the increase for the past 12 years comparing Government to restrict the operators of motorcycle and even anticipating halting the importation of motorcycle, something which doesn’t make sense, especially when WoGeS Vehicle and Motorcycle Safety Training Services, WVMSTS now ABATE of Liberia had been in the vanguard calling on National Government and Stakeholders, that “Training B 4 the Key” was the solution.

WVMSTS was founded May 20th, 2008 as the result of many road accidents witnessed on Liberian roads that killed between four to six persons daily, not counting the fatal injuries. WVMSTS had produced many Public Service Announcement, hosted radio talk shows to create safety awareness for all road users, Pedestrians, Car and Motorcycle operators, all these efforts had been overlooked by main line Government Agencies that are responsible for Driver education and licensing.

There has been no set system for vehicle purchase and operation, allowing any person to walk in any dealership to purchase a motor vehicle, ABATE of Liberia is challenged to seek legislations to improve all that are required to set in system existing in the United States of America, as the legal framework of Liberia is a complete copy cat from the USA, only that, political leaders since after the 1980 coup had shifted away from those available set regulations and policies. Since 1972, the Vehicle and Traffic laws of Liberia had not been amended to fit today realities, ABATE of Liberia is in motion to petition the incoming Legislators on all sections that required updating, that would ensure all road users are treated fairly.

ABATE Liberia has capture the VOTE LIKE A MOTORCYCLIST concept after the American Motorcycle Association, AMA, the American General Elections approach to remind Liberian motorcyclists to beware of the following responsibility, as they the Voters has always chased Politicians for handout for vote, and when these politicians get into power, they feel no obligation to the voters, as they have purchased the Power that be. There are many instances where Law Makers has hit, run over, chased, beat and jailed motorcyclists and go with impunity, with the coming into been of ABATE of Liberia, the Rights of Road Users will be assured at all level, every aspect of motorcycling will be birth, recreation and international set aside days of events, and protocol will be observed.

The leadership of ABATE is Please to advance to the BIKERS community the following:

  • Support your candidates by promoting his or her campaign
  • Make financial and material contributions to their victory
  • Attend all their political meetings so you can better judge your decision
  • Protect their campaign materials in all places
  • Avoid violence activities during the campaign and elections period

Concluding, the press release reminded all would be members remember that freedom isn’t free, your vote is your visa to freedom

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