President Sirleaf : Sheriff’s Behavior “Unbecoming,” too little too late

By Blama G. Konuwah |

Mohammed Sheriff, left, sworn in as ambassador by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, right

Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recently recalled the Liberian ambassador to the United Kingdom, ‘Dr’ Mohammed Sheriff for what she described as an “unbecoming behavior.” The allegedly conflicting, professionally untrained and diplomatically unqualified Liberian diplomat told the BBC World Service that ex-Liberian president and warlord, “Charles Taylor Has Been Converted” – Recalled Ambassador Mohammed Sheriff.

The former Liberian ambassador also told the British Broadcasting Corporation’s ‘Focus on Africa’ program (aired at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 20) that he believes President Charles Taylor has changed and should be freed and allowed to participate in political activities in Liberia. Taylor, who is presently accused of meddling in Liberian politics and is believed to be financing the campaign of a major political party associated with his wife, Jewel Howard Taylor, has been condemned by several international personalities and institutions including members of the US Congress.

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Source: Globe Afrique

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