“Under My Administration Civil Will Get Consistent And Fair Pay” – Alexander Cummings Brags

The presidential candidate of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Benedict has assured Liberians and his supporters that his administration as President of Liberia will focus on the well-being of the Liberian people, stressing the need for all civil servants to receive their just pay and on time.

Addressing various supporting groups for his presidency, including independent women, youth, religious and civil society groups at the party’s national headquarters in Monrovia on Thursday, September 28, 2017, Mr. Cummings said, “There is no reason why, any teacher – someone who is taking care of children, or police who protect us, or the nurses who take care of our health, should be making less than $200.00 a month, and least of all worry if they are going to see that two hundred dollars and be able to take care of their families. Under my administration, I promise that all civil servants will get consistent and fair pay.”

The ANC political leader who scored high during the last presidential debate held at the Paynesville City Hall recently detailed his 100 days plans, and platform.

He noted that his vision for the future of the country is bright, making specific of several initiatives including job creation, the growth of the Liberian economy, and infrastructure development.

He said such as initiative to be handled during his administration include creating a women empowerment fund to move market women from the informal sector to the formal sector – so that are able to go from owning a table or part of the road, to owning a shop.

A promise to create 600,000 jobs for women, youth and disabled during his first term of government.

Focusing on primary care for children and preventative care for everyone. Paying health workers more, resulting in better care for all.

Enforcing the Liberianization policy and initiating a “Buy Liberian” campaign to support Liberian owned businesses.

Prioritizing infrastructure – ensuring electricity, roads, clean water, internet and cell phone connectivity throughout the country.

Over thirty different groups attended, including the Gbangay Town Youth, the Cummings Intellectual Brigade, Physicians Assistants for Change, and the Federation of Liberian Muslims.

Mr. Cummings finished his presentation saying, “I thank you for joining me today. Today marks another day towards progress, towards changing the future of country. I hope that on October 10th vote Alexander Cummings, Jeremiah Sulunteh. Liberia can’t wait. We need change now. Together, we will change Liberia for the better.

We can’t keep electing the same people, with the same experiences and expect different results. The Liberian people already know corruption, we know bad policies and failed promises. It’s time to do something different.”, said Cummings

The gathering at the headquarters will help set the pace for the ANC’s closing rally which will take place on October 7, 2017 at the Antoinette Stadium in Monrovia.

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