Prince Johnson Cautions Liberians Not To Vote For George Weah, Saying His Election Will Bring War

Prince Y. Johnson, “If George Weah is elected war will come to Liberia”

Nimba County Senator, and former warlord who is also contesting the presidency come October 10, 2017 has launched a tormented attack on the political leader and presidential candidate of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Senator George Weah, saying his election to the Liberian presidency will bring war to this country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with a radio station, FABRAC Radio 101.1 FM in Monrovia over the weekend, Senator Johnson noted with seriousness recent troubling incidents when the George Weah’s CDC recently attacked partisans of the Liberty Party in Sanniquellie, Nimba County, the home county of the Senator where dozens were reported injured last week as a result of a riot, called on Liberians not to cast their ballots in favor of the CDC.

Senator Johnson speaking further also described the CDC presidential candidate as a ‘Drunk’ who cannot be trusted to lead Liberia, stressing, ‘Ambassador Weah has not been elected as President; his men have gone on rampage injuring people here and there. If this guy is elected as President of Liberia, I see the country going back to war,” Senator Johnson warned.

Making specific reference of Senator Weah’s drunkenness, said recently he Weah and other top politicians in the Liberian electoral process including the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alex Tyler and the Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Armah Jallah a call meeting was held  in Gbarnga, Bong County where it was observed that the CDC presidential instead of the call meeting drank liquor including Gordon Gin endlessly, a situation he said  created serious embarrassment to the rest of the guys at the meeting.

“Let me tell something, one day Ambassador Weah invited us to come to Gbarnga, Bong County for a very important meeting for all stakeholders in the Liberian electoral process, we took out time and went to Gbarnga, everyone including Alex Tyler and the Pro-Tempore were there before I got there. From the morning, the meeting was scheduled at 4pm, they were drinking, and drinking in a very cool air conference room. That Ambassador, Senator George Weah was drinking Gordon Gin, and at the same time sweating profusely. What was astonishing is Ambassador Weah was calling his Party’s Chairman, Nathaniel McGill as first partisan several times, and McGill said to Weah, something wronged today, Mr. Standard Bearer I’m Chairman,” Senator Johnson given his reason told the Liberian people via the FABRA Radio.

He said the unusual behaviors of Ambassador Weah backed with the selection of officials of the CDC Government when elected made him to leave the gathering, stressing, “ George Weah and his group have already put into place a Government, and sidelining other politicians; this guy cannot be trusted with state power,”  Senator Johnson echoed during the interview.

At present, there has been no reaction from the CDC regarding this information released by the political leader and presidential candidate of the Movement Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), Senator Prince Y. Johnson

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