As Liberia Marks Int’l Day Of Peace, Iman Krayee Wants Politicians be Truthful

Iman Ali Krayee

The Chief Iman of Liberia Ali Krayee has called on Liberian Politicians to be truthful to their word as they go about campaigning during these elections.

Iman Krayee said the administration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf might have had its own pitfalls but it has largely ensured that Liberia remains on the path of peace and development.

He said for anyone to think that the government of Liberia has done nothing would suggests that the over 12 years of peace Liberians have enjoyed over the years means nothing to them.

He added “I may sound apologetic for the Sirleaf government. Yes there are some major gaps but you cannot say that the peace we have enjoyed in this country since the war is nothing”.

Speaking at programs marking International Day of Peace in Kakata Margibi County, Iman Krayee said God is never happy with any ungrateful spirit and as such he called on politicians to exercise honesty during these elections.

Amb. Juli Endee and Partners Leading the Parade

The Islamic Cleric has also cautioned the chairman of the National Elections Commission to be careful as to how he handles the elections noting that anything less than a peaceful conduct of a free, fair and transparent election will determine whether the country remains peaceful or not.

According to him, Liberians are reminded of the legacy of the man that presided over the 1985 elections which he said has contributed largely to the 14 years of civil war in Liberia.

Iman Ali Krayee has meanwhile called on Liberians to develop a sense of forgiveness, warning that there can be no genuine peace without true forgiveness.

The celebration of the International Day of Peace which started with a parade in the principal streets on Kakata, was held under the auspices of a consortium of peace related and pro-democracy organizations under the banner of Peace Action Network (PAN).

The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is a working holiday observed annually on 21 September.

Also speaking at the well-attended and elaborate program, the Executive Director of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace Amb. Juli Endee urged Liberians to consider peace first in their daily activities noting that peace is ‘what you are, what you say and what you do’.

Amb. Endee’s LCP is part of the Peace Action Network. She wants Liberians to help promote peace in their various communities, in the churches, in the mosques and in every facet of the society.

Other partners making remarks at the occasion include the Federation of Liberian Youth, the National Union of Organizations of the Disable, the National Traditional Council, WANEP, the National Governors Council of Liberia, the National Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia, the Women NGO Secretariat, the Liberia Women Media Action Committee and the Liberia National Students Union among others.

The Carter Center is among several organizations supporting peace initiatives around the world and it was one of the main sponsors of the International Day of Peace celebrations in Liberia.

At the program in Kakata, Carter Center Chief of Party Pewee Flomoku called on Liberians to show more commitment to peace by being proactive in their actions towards peace initiatives.

He commended the women of Liberia for the role played over the years in ensuring that Liberia attains peace and remains peaceful up to present since the civil war ended in 2003.

Mr. Flomoku then applauded member organizations of the Peace Action Network and the people of Kakata and surrounding towns for their participation which made the program successful.

The Kakata Peace Day celebration was held under the local theme ‘Love Peace! Speak Peace! Act Peace! Say no to violence.

By: Francis Pelenah from Kakata

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