Assad’s uncle facing trial for war crimes in Switzerland

Rifaat al-Assad (MEMO Photo File)

An international legal NGO has raised concerns over delays in the case against Rifaat Al-Assad, the uncle of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, who is facing criminal proceedings in Switzerland for war crimes.

A collective of lawyers confirmed the criminal proceedings against the Swiss resident Rifaat, who was in command of the brigade that carried out the massacres of several thousand people at Palmyra and in Hama in 1982; up to 40,000 are thought to have been killed by Syrian regime forces.

TRIAL International “a non-governmental organisation fighting impunity for international crimes and supporting victims in their quest for justice” filed the criminal complaint in Switzerland in 2013. “A solid case” was put together against the former commander, but four years on, the NGO said that it was “worried the case is at a stalemate, despite the significant amount of evidence at hand”.

This morning TRIAL International released a statement saying that “the complainants’ lawyers have publicly challenged the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) and denounced a denial of justice for their clients – who are all victims of the Syrian regime’s barbarity”.

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Source: News Now / Meddle East Monitor Online

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