CDC Named Additional Members Of Its National Campaign Team

The National Campaign Management Team of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), in consultation with the Standard Bearer and the National Governing Council is pleased to present the below additional names to form part of the 2017 CDC National Campaign Committee, handling Diaspora Affairs:

  1. A. Kulubozumo Zakama, Jr. —-                         Campaign Coordinator, CDC-USA
  2. Jerry Gbardy                                          —-                         Campaign Coordinator, CDC Canada
  3. Robert Clarke —-                         Campaign Coordinator, CDC Europe
  4. Wilmot Marshall —-                         Campaign Coordinator, CDC Australia
  5. Charles Gono —-                         Executive Member
  6. Yeanae Brewer —-                         Executive Member
  7. Varney Karnley —-                         Executive Member
  8. Joseph Tamba Jackson —-                         Executive Member
  9. Steve Daa Wonokay —-                         Executive Member
  10. Charles Krogee —-                         Executive Member
  11. Dee Lougon —-                         Executive Member
  12. Patterson Nyenetu —-                         Executive Member
  13. Peter Garley —-                         Executive Member

Meanwhile, the CDC 2017 National Campaign Committee, through the office the Deputy Campaign Manager for Media & Communications, Madam W.E. Saydee-Tarr, is pleased to also present the below named individuals to form part of the 2017 National Campaign Media and Communications Committee.

Rep. Acarous M. Gray —-        Chief Political Strategist/Snr MCC Consultant
Kwame Weeks —-        Deputy/Admin & MCC PRO
Duannah  Siryon —-        Deputy /Strategic Operations
Boima JV Boima —-        Chief Social Media Communications & Propaganda Strategist
Mohammed Bamba —-       Administrator/ MCC services
Amb Bobby Whitfield —-        Strategist
Atty Phil Dixon —-        Snr. Legal Analyst – MCC Legal Advisory Team
Samuel Worzie —-        Director of Press & Propaganda /Presenter – Prime Time Liberia Radio Show
Sekou Kalasco Damaro —-        VIP Info Service Officer, Social Media Anchor & Presenter-Change Point Radio Show
Alvin Wesseh —–       Media Outreach Tactician
Josephine Davies —–       Sr. Coordinator / Mobile Outreach Team
Emmanuel M. Johnson —–       Coordinator / Strategic Communications 
Jerome Saydee —–       Administrative Communication Specialist /MCC Secretary
Dr. Moses Kulo —–       Strategic Advisor/Snr Research Analyst
Samora Wolokollie —–       Strategic Advisor (Economic and Fiscal Policy
Mamensie Kabba —–       Media Coordinator -Local Content/ Rapid Response
Jefferson Chesson —–       Social Media Specialist
Prof. Isaac Zawolo —–       Strategic Advisor
Henrique Wilson —–       Special Ops Strategist
Eugene Fahngon —–       Snr. Communications Strategist/ Presenter -Liberia Talks
Isaac Vah Tukpah —–       Sr. Consultant/ Media & Communications
Sam Mannah —–       PL PRO/Print & Social Media Strategist
Clarence Farley —–       Strategic Coordinator/Rapid Response Unit
Eddie Baryon —–       Community Outreach Coordinator (Montserrado)
Chinyere Joy Onodugo —–       First Time Voters Coordinator (Montserrado)
Alton Kesselly —–       Social Media Communications Specialist
Archie Wright —–       Strategic Resource Analyst
Koffadamus Torbor —–       Visual Communications Specialist
Benjamin Fyneah —–       IT Specialist/Strategic Analyst
Sidiki Fofana —–       Political Communications Advisor
Randall Dobayou —–       Communications Specialist
Alex Williams —–       Rapid Response/ Propaganda Specialist
Abraham Askie —–       Rapid Response/ Propaganda Specialist
Eddie Tarawali —-        Propaganda Specialist/ Mobile Outreach Coordinator
Rufus Darkortey —–       Strategist/Opposition Research Specialist *
Boakai Boley —–       Media Resource Officer
Jon Sunday, Sr. —–       Intl Media Coordinator
Benedict Brown —–       Online Media Strategist
D. Eric Kpayea —–       Snr. Advisor/Operations
Abubakar Bah —–       Head/Intellectual Response Team
Jerry Gbardy —–       Research & Communication Specialist
Yeanae Brewer —–       Snr Advisor/Special Operations
Isaac Doe —–       SE Outreach Media Coordinator/Social Media Strategist
Toyuwa Harris —–       Strategic Advisor/IT Research Specialist
Maminah Carr —-        Ground Game Coordinator
Tracy Kpehe —–       Gender Outreach Coordinator
Alston Wolo —–       University Outreach Coordinator
Jusu Bility —–       Online Propagandist
James Crayton —–       Online Propagandist
Charles D Gull —–       Rapid Responder/Propagandist
Alfred Boakai —–       IT Officer/Online Propagandist
Joseph Tye —–       First Time Voters Analyst/Communications Specialist
Steve Yarsiah —–       Snr Communications Strategist
Amb. Moses Brown —–       Snr Rapid Response Coordinator
Benedict Brown —–       Snr Media Strategist
James Potter —–       Manager/Media Affairs -King’s FM
Pharaoh K. Vincent —–       Rapid Response/ Propaganda Specialist
Barsee Karr Barley —-        Communications Research Analyst/Rapid Responder


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