Electorates Pondering Over Who To Vote For Come October 10, As UP, CDC, ANC, LP, ALP Queue For The Race

The collection of sampling of views from Liberian electorates by the GNN over the weekend has discovered the perplexity on the part of some Liberians due to the ongoing campaigns by political parties in an anticipation of capturing the votes of the Liberian people for Africa’s oldest nation presidency.

Many of those interviewed by our staff in Monrovia and its environs observed that since the launching of campaigns by political parties in Montserrado County, specifically in Monrovia, the capital city, electorates are said to be having second thoughts as to their previous decision for a particular candidate.

Majority of the interviewees said they are contemplating joining a party whose membership has been drawn from what they called ‘Matured and well grinded electorates’ who believed that the future of Liberia should not be gambled with by electing ‘Inexperienced political individuals’, but rather elect a person who have Liberia at heart.

“Politics is about number, provided that number is sincere in all its totality. I believed Liberians on October 10, 2017 will be sincere to do better for themselves and elect a leader and not a ruler; who ultimate gain is to enrich him or herself. I pray that a meaningful decision will be taken on that day,” Nathaniel Saygbe, a resident of Clara Town speaking to the GNN noted.

For Helena Garkpa, a businesswoman, said the solution for Liberians during these electoral periods, is to ask God for a leader who will see reason for redeeming this country from the shackle of poverty and greed, vices that have over the years’ plunged Liberia backward despite of its rich resources.

Suggesting further, Madam Garkpa said, “All of those in the race are Liberians, and I agreed that they are also qualified to run for the presidency of our country, but the question we, as Liberians must riddle to those seeking the presidency is what experience they have to successfully steer the affairs of our country? Popularity is not what Liberians are looking for, but the leadership ability that will take our country to the next level where its citizens will be proud and dignify around the world,” Madam Garkpa in a brief chat with GNN advised.

Five political parties are said to be making headway following the release of their campaign messages and the pull of what many called a significant crowd during the launch of the Montserrado County (Monrovia) campaign rallies and in other parts of the country.

According to those spoke to by our team, political parties that are frequently talked about in various communities in Monrovia and its environs are the ruling Unity Party (UP), followed by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP) and the All Liberian Party (ALP).

Supporters’ Reason

Supporters for the presidential bid of the ruling Unity Party, Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai speaking to the GNN via sampling interview praised the Vice President for his maturity over the years, noting that when  given the opportunity to serve his country as President more will be done.

For those who are opting for the presidency of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Senator George Weah must be considered as the best alternative for Liberia’s future, stressing that the presidency of Senator Weah will help to boast the growth and rapidly development of Liberia.

The presidential candidate of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander Benedict Cummings will be the best ever for Liberia, due to what those interviewed, said his ‘Clean records’ and interest to see Liberia transform is on a daily basis winning the hearts of many electorates. They said despite of his latest arrival on the Liberian political scene, je is the best choice of the Liberian people.

Supporters of the All Liberian Party presidential candidate, businessman turned politician, Benoni Urey told the team of GNN that they are preparing to take him to the Executive Mansion, the country’s presidential palace as Liberia’s next president, stressing that the ALP presidential candidate has always made it his duty to stay with his people during Liberia’s troubled days. His quest to develop and improve the livelihood of Liberians has been noticed over the years.

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