Liberia’s Presidential Candidates’ Commitment to Cut Waste

By Alfred P.B. Kiadii | Globe Afrique Media

Cutting waste in the budget is the newest mantra on the lips of all of Liberia’s presidential candidates, it appears to me that most of them are in love with this mistress, although they are only posturing to the public, but in true they are bent on living an exotic lifestyle when given the mandate by the people to lead this tiny West African nation.

In certain quarters, it is said the best indicator of ascertaining future behavior is past action or conduct, this can survive as an aphorism to discern when politicians make politically appropriate pronouncements that are far from the truth, which they do not have the slightest interest in upholding. But they do so to hoodwink the people, so as to accrue votes from the unsuspecting public that has not read in their stratagem.

What is ludicrous is the fact that the likes of Charles Walker Brumskine, Benoni Urey, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, George Weah, Mills Jones, and Prince Johnson have shown little commitment in cutting waste when they served and are serving in positions of influence in the state. Most of them have used the public treasury to get fat budget, staggering pay rise, and bumper allowances; since they are running for the high office suddenly they want us to believe that they have undergone a Pauline conversion.

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Source: Globe Afrique Media

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