Liberty Party Saturday Campaign Launch Boosts Brumskine’s Presidency, As Thousands In Green Overwhelm Monrovia

The day was cloudy and colorful engulfed with singing and drumming, the occasion was the official campaign launch of the opposition Liberty Party, and the location was the headquarters of this unique political party strategically situated at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital junction, craving to capture the nation’s highest political seat, the presidency come October 10, 2017.

The huge crowd overwhelmed the occasion as thousands trooped from around Monrovia and its environs to joyously join the queue in their drive to celebrate with their beloved political party in the launch of its campaign with the ultimate hope of taken the nation’s presidency.

Some non-partisans of the Liberty Party who had gone on the scene to see for themselves were excited, but with bewilderment as the crowd endlessly continue to swell in the thousands, while partisans LP themselves could not withhold their joy and happiness in the presence of the huge crowd.

The color of the day was green, with thousands wearing their preferred attire of day, bearing the pictures of both Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine; presidential candidate, and his vice running mate, Mr. Harrison S. Karnwea, and many of them danced to traditional songs and other local music oozing from eight gigantic speakers.

Also to grace the occasion at this colorful LP campaign launch were some local Liberian musical and movie stars who took the stage to thrill the huge crowd with their songs, and God given talents as the crowd swamped the entire vicinity amusing themselves.

The arrival of both the Liberty Party (LP) presidential candidate and his vice presidential created more momentum, as the crowd grew bigger and bigger joyously singing and chanting Pro-Liberty Party slogans.

Both leaders, Brumskine and Karnwea who were considered as the people of the day could not also withhold their feelings of happiness due to the overwhelming of a huge turned out of their partisans, and other well-wishers. However, the day was climaxed with speeches from the political leader of the Party assuring his supporters of victory come October 10.

What Partisans and Others Think Of The Launch

Our reporter who and other journalists who went over to cover the event were opportune to interview some of the LP supporters as well as those who said their presence there was to observe the occasion.

“We have pulled the biggest crowd ever, as compare to others who are boasting that they’re the only ones that can lock down Monrovia whenever they launch in Monrovia. As you can see today’s crowd is one of the largest in recent time,” Annie Q. Seaway, a lady believed to be in her late 60s who claimed to be a diehard supporter of the Liberty Party, expressed optimism of Brumskine becoming the next president told the GNN.

Dozens of other supporters including the elderly and young people who were also interviewed noted similar joy, expressing hope that the key of the Executive Mansion, the home of Liberian presidency is in the hands of their political leader, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, and will be inaugurated in January 2018 as Liberia’s next president.

“My young man as you can see today, the road for the Executive Mansion is ours come October 10, nothing can’t stop us; our preferred candidates, Charles Walker Brumskine and Harrison S. Karnwea are queued as Liberia’s next leaders,” Emmanuel K. Johnson another partisans of the Liberty Party in a chat with the GNN during the program joyously noted.

For others who came from difference political parties and were on the grounds as observers speaking to the GNN said what they saw during the launch of the Liberty Party’s campaign was unbelievable, noting, “This crowd today is huge, but let not forget that many of them here today may not be real voters, but are here to add to the number,” Jeremiah A. Tucker who claimed to be a nonpartisan of the Liberty Party stressed.

“The crowd you see here today will appear on next Saturday during the campaign launch of the Unity Party, so let no one be fooled that they have the number and majority supporters to capture the Executive Mansion as Liberia’s next president. The only solution is at the poll,” Aaron Jakeson speaking to the GNN said.


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