Data reveals more than 500,000 Pakistanis deported since 2012

LAHORE: According to a set piece of data, a huge number of Pakistani expatriates from numerous countries around the world since 2012 have been deported due to one reason or another. The data was recently submitted to the Senate.

The countries which expelled Pakistanis also included some smaller, not so popular countries such as Laos, Togo, Port Louis, Lesotho, Liberia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Burundi, Madagascar, Malawi, Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Mozambique, Angola, and Ethiopia.

The list contains the names of countries from where Pakistanis were deported from January 2012 till June 30, 2017.

In total, 544,105 Pakistanis were deported from January 2012 till June 30, 2017. As far as the yearly breakdown is concerned, 71,723 were expelled in 2012; 79,539 in 2013; 78,409 in 2014; 116,185 in 2015; 111,084 in 2016; and 87,165 till June 2017.

The most deportations took place in the Gulf and European countries. Saudi Arabia topped the list followed by UAE, Oman, Malaysia, UK, Turkey and Greece.

Breaking it down country-wise, Saudi Arabia tops the list of deportations as it has expelled 280,052 Pakistanis in total, UAE followed in at number two with 52,058.

Oman, Malaysia, UK, Turkey have deported 20,416, 16,124, 13,700, and 9,776 respectively.

As far as countries other than Britain in Europe are concerned, Greece tops the list with 16,591 Pakistani deportees, followed by Italy with 887, Germany with 815, France with 798, Spain with 408, Belgium with 315, Norway with 265, and Austria with 248 deportees from January 2012 till June 30, 2017.

The United States has deported 832 Pakistani nationals while Canada has expelled 337 during the same period.

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