What Does the Liberian Designee to the “UN Panel of Tax Experts” bring to the table?

By: Blama G. Konuwah |

Ms. Elfreda Stewart – Tamba – Liberia’s designee to the “UN Panel of Tax Experts” and Commissioner-General of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA)

For those of us who live in Canada, disagreeing with US President Donald J. Trump, Sr would pose no imminent threat to us whatsoever. So, why I would rarely agree with the American leader on many of his policies and more so, his utterances, I can’t help but agree that we share the same position on the United Nations, particularly its political and social relevance.

President Trump has famously remarked that the UN is “outdated” and needs some “major overall.” I think he is all but right. And, I share that view since hearing about the recent appointments made by the UN Secretary General in naming the world’s body panel of experts on taxation.

I say so as a Liberian citizen resident in Canada. I also say so because I find it appalling for the UN Secretary-General António Guterres to appoint an individual to a panel of expert committee without considering what he or she brings to the table.

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Source: Globe Afrique Media

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