Weah Cutting Jewel Out Of Campaign Funds, Investigation Reveals

CDC George Weah and Jewel Howard Taylor

Presidential Candidate George Weah has been accused of using campaign money received from Gabon to pay off Findley’s endorsement, but cheating Jewel out of her share.

Senator Taylor’s absence from the launch of the CDC’s campaign on August 19 raised many eye brows and left many wondering why the new comer Gbehzohngar Findley was rather Senator Weah’s right hand man instead of his vice standard bearer.

In response the stalwarts released statements in the press and on social mediato dispel rumors that Senator Taylor was being replaced by Gbehzohngar Findley.

“To my friends and foes: I have followed with keen interest the debate from all sides about my absence from the greatest CDC rally our time. Let me apologize for my absence, as it was due to circumstances beyond my control. None of which is being suggested.” – Senator Taylor

“Amid rumors that the CDC is on the verge of making a last point change in the package that it intends to present to the Liberian people in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections, I would like to say that the information is baseless. Madame Howard-Taylor remains the VSB of this great political institution that will overwhelmingly be elected on October 10,” – CDC’s Campaign Manager, Professor Ansu Sonii

During the launch of the campaign at the CDC’s headquarters, it was announced that Senator Taylor was not present because she was out of the country on an assignment.

Mr. Findley, the former President Pro Tempore of the Senate, announced his intention to support the soccer legend, George Weah after he was petitioned by some of his supporters in his county.Mr. Findley resigned the ruling party on August 4, 2017, declaring that he and the party no longer shared common political interests.

Some within the inner circles of the party believed that her absence at the launch was due to her disenchantment with former Grand Bassa County Senator. Now another speculation a bit closer to the truth has risen. That Weah is cutting her out of funds received from her and the NPP arch of the party.

In reposne Taylor is showing her strength in Montserrado and Bong County, driving her supporters to throw their support to other candidates opposing CDC representatives.

Seven months ago, Senator Weah picked Senator Jewel Howard Taylor as his running mate as a result of a minted Coalition among three opposition political parties which include; the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Liberia People Democratic Change (LPDP).

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