‘Talk and Do’ Sweeps the West, Cummings Continues to Make His Case to Liberians, Pulls Crowd In Bomi And Cape Mount Counties

Fresh off the momentum of his stellar performance at last week’s presidential debate, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress, toured western Liberia making stops in Grand Capemount, Gpapolu, and Bomi county.

While in the western region, the ANC presidential candidate, visited the Liberia Government Hospital in Bomi. While touring the facilities, Mr. Cummings thanked the hospital staff and workers for their sacrifice and dedication to helping the people of Bomi. He also presented to them his vision and plans for fixing Liberia’s healthcare system.

 “Our nation learned many lessons from the Ebola epidemic including the need for a strong and affordable healthcare system. My administration will prioritize strengthening preventative and primary healthcare. We will also work hard to ensure that all Liberian children have access to immunizations. Our administration will also source medical advancements and technologies from around the world, so that hospitals like yours can properly treat patients.

When it comes to health workers, who are some of the most hardworking and dedicated people in our country, we will make sure you get paid on time even if that means we don’t. Our doctors, nurses, and all other healthcare workers deserve more, to be paid on time, and fairly. There is no reason why those you take of us when we are in our greatest time of need, should be going months without pay,” Cummings said.

Cummings promises to fix Liberia’s healthcare system if elected president this October, but he has however already begun doing the work. This year, the Cummings Africa Foundation provided medical supplies worth $565,000.00 USD to rural hospitals across the country.

While serving at Coca-Cola, he also oversaw the creation of The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, in response to the growth and impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In 2001, the Foundation established an extensive healthcare program for Coca-Cola workers affected by HIV/AIDS and related conditions across Africa in addition to supporting HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness throughout local communities.

Following his visit to the Liberia Government Hospital in Bomi, Cummings held a town hall meeting at Bomi County Town Hall, where he was welcomed by Mr. Aaron Divine, an ANC Representative candidate and Mr. Joshua Passawe, the ANC’s Bomi County Chairman.

Upon arrival Mr. Passawe lauded Mr. Cummings clean background, stating “Mr. Cummings background is free of corruption and full of successes. I know that the can deliver real results and bring real change to Liberia. He is the only one that can truly fight corruption and develop our country.”

Elder council member Fai Z. Johnson, said that Mr. Cummings had already won the hearts and minds of the People of Bomi due to his many philanthropic efforts to the people of Bomi County and Liberia.

In true Cummings fashion, the presidential candidate also held meetings in Tubmanburg, Gbarma, Bopulu, and Henry Town spreading his message to as many Liberians as possible. The meetings were attended by an array of local stakeholders including elders, market women, and youth leaders.

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