GNN Poll Reveals: 2017 Elections Will Be Undisputable As Electorates Opt For Free, Fair and Transparency

As the 2017 general and presidential elections draw closer come October 10, over the past two weeks, a team of GNN reporters around the country have been conducted series of samplings as to what Liberians think about the outcome of the pending October 10 elections.

Despite of the current electoral hullabaloos where politicians, the major players in this process are trading accusations against each others, Liberians themselves say they are not deterred to make up their minds in electing the persons of their choice, noting that Liberia is all they have, and prayed not to encourage any electoral violence during the election.

Taking cue of their previous calamities where the nation was plunged into years of senseless civil war, the Liberians warned their fellow compatriots who are opting for political powers to desist from what they called ‘Beating War Drums’ and concentrate on how their native land, Liberia can develop in par with other countries that are forging ahead in development.

Referencing  the growth and progressive development of neighboring countries, those interviewed during the GNN poll sampling, said they are optimistic that the pending Liberian elections which is highly been contested for will be freed of violence, and also cautioned those would be trouble makers to remain in the troublesome closets and allow Liberians to choose their leaders.

“We’re not prepare to go back to war, so let me warn those who are beating war drums to desist, Liberians are tired of war, and are looking forward to seeing their country develop. See countries like Ghana, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and others that were once depended on Liberia for survival are now making significance headways in developing, while our country, Liberia considered as the oldest independence nation on the west coast of Africa is lacking behind,” Saralyn Tucker, a resident of Paynesville speaking to the GNN noted.

Efforts by the regional body, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to see Liberia remain  stable and peaceful following the signing of the Farmington River Declaration early this year in Liberia, where over 20 political parties’ leaders committed themselves to remain law abiding and denounce any form of electoral violence and committed themselves to the holding of peaceful elections and judicial resolution of election disputes in Liberia during the October 10 election seems not to be adhered to.

Already, some political parties are said to be violating the commitment made at the Farmington River Declaration, by violently throwing words at each other during these electoral campaigns, a situation which is said to be creating fears in Liberians who were excited following the signing of the declaration.

Liberians who also spoke to the GNN during an exclusive interview expressed disappointment with some of the political parties that are allegedly violation the Farmington River Declaration by beating war drums, and threatening elections violence.

Writes Joel Cholo Brooks

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