As Liberians Opt For Peaceful Elections, Church leaders To Hold Conference For Presidential Candidates


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Bishop Jonathan Foxx

The churches of Liberia under the auspices of ‘Turning Point Liberia’ are expected to convene a conference of political leaders to discuss pertinent issues surrounding the 2017 October polls.

According to the Head of Turning Point Liberia Bishop Jonathan Foxx, the conference is expected to kickoff on Friday, August 25, 2017 aimed at discussing  the future of Liberia, with paramount focus on the conduct of a violent free election.

In an interview with the GNN, Bishop Foxx admonished political leaders to use the opportunity to interface with the church ahead of these crucial elections.

He said the gathering seeks to evaluate the moral and spiritual values of those aspiring for the country’s highest seat.

Bishop Foxx speaking further said, “Such conference with our political leaders will grant us as community of Christian believers the insight to make a Godly and wise decision come October, for the first time in the history of Liberia”.

He observed that for the first time Church leaders have resolve and surface to address issues pertaining to the General elections of Liberia.

“Over the years, the Christian community had been silent when it comes to certain national events which are considered extreme and out of the scope for churches, he stated.”

Bishop Foxx cautioned political leaders to run a violent free election and must be able to exercise restraint to accept the outcome of the result, while calling on the National Election Commission to conduct a free, fair and transparent election.

He emphasized that an election free of violence is the message the church continues to propagate and encouraged all politicians, election and civil actors and the entire citizenry to prioritize during the ongoing electoral process.

He noted that over the years they have realized that the church has been silent on critical national issues.

Bishop Foxx reportedly attributed the silent of the church to its approval to be used by politicians and their institutions in their desire ascend to state power, instead of playing its role as the conscious minds and backbench of the larger society.

According to him, the time has come for change, but it must be peaceful and the church must step up to the occasion and help create the awareness to avoid citizens making their choice based on sentiments and tribal connections.

“Liberians must not only make their decision based on competence, but their political leaders must be Godly and posse moral values and have conscious for their employers, he explained.”

Bishop Foxx furthered stated that if the Christian community has been engaged during electoral process some of the odds in the society would have been curbed.

The Liberian cleric maintained that church is the moral consciences of the society, and as such when it is silent, moral decadent becomes widespread, stressing when the Church is silent there is degeneration in values and norms that should control the nation.

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