If you want to Win this Elections, Ignore no Advise

Written by Paul Zondo|

Paul Zondo a Liberian currently residing in the US, and is the interim President of the Liberian Community Association of Bismarck and Mandan, North Dakota

It has been a while since I posted an article. There have been some changes in my family. A new baby boy was born and he is almost a year old. Time flies! We moved away from the blue lakes and picturesque mountains of Montana to settle on the Northern Prairies of North Dakota. Life is a little fast here than sleepy-laid back Deer Lodge, Montana. I missed visits from the Deer and her ferns. I missed the easy access to fishing and mountain climbing. There will always be a place in my heart for the rough independent mindset of life on the mountains in Montana.

As I look back at what I could have done and should have done, I am reminded of the opportunities at hand in North Dakota. The city of Bismarck is bigger and gives us more options for a young family than Deer Lodge. While I appear to be obsessed with the blue mountains of Montana and the Norther Prairies of North Dakota, I am genuinely following the elections in Liberia and seeking how I can help assured victory for the right candidate.

In all actuality, every presidential candidate believes that he/she is the right fit for the job, and rightly so. Who would undertake such daunting task if they did not believe in themselves in the first place. However, there are strategies that turn believing in yourself to people believing you and following you.  Articulating one’s message effectively and efficiently can never be overdone. Hence, I am offering my services for any presidential candidate to take advantage of, so that they can turn the tide in their favor. Caution, any presidential aspirant who believes that ascending to the presidency of Liberia is slam dung is mistaken. Ask John Kerry who lost to George Bush in 2004 elections and Hillary Clinton who lost to Donald Trump last year. In elections, anything can happen. Do not take any advice or counsel for granted. Do not take this article for granted either. Some of the best advice and counsel in politics never came from politicians. My firm and I are here to help you win. We are available on contract basics.

We are ready to be contracted by any presidential candidate to help articulate their platform to every man, woman, boy and girl in Liberia. We have strategies to help you win and perhaps our non-conventional strategy is an effective strategy. Politics is always full of surprises. Ask the people of France when they elected an unknown 39 year old Emmanuel Macron as president. Ask America when they elected the oldest president in American history, Donald Trump. Ask America again when they elected their first black president, Barrack Obama.  Politics like biscuits can break anywhere so extra help in these last weeks will bring extra momentum and vigor to your campaign. Don’t regret on October 11. Don’t say I wish I had gotten some extra momentum. Don’t regret for the rest of your lives. Call us to help you win.

Contact us today to be your additional PR image strategist person on the ground to guarantee your victory. We will engage the public in a way that will cause your opposition to flee and the population will gravitate to you. Your opposition will stand down from attacking you. If your weakness is that you have not done much in Liberia, you can’t speak simple English or you don’t know “book”, we can turn your weakness into strength easily within two weeks guaranteed. Our strategies work miracles. Be the first caller. 612 801 0926 paulzondo1@gmail.com.  We can fly to Liberia on the next available flight upon signing the contract. We need flight tickets for three members of our entourage or one member, secured hotel reservations, provided vehicles to conduct field assessments and functions, food, security and other amenities associated with our job. Liberia Will Rise Again!

“A people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety”. Prov. 11:14

“Plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed” Prov. 15:22

Paul Zondo is currently the interim President of the Liberian Community Association of Bismarck and Mandan, North Dakota USA

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