MOVEE Presidential Candidate Takes 3 Days Campaign To Cape Mount, urged Citizens To ‘Consciously’ Vote The Right Leaders

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Dr. J. Mills Jones, Presidential Candidate, MOVEE in Cape Mount County

The Standard Bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment, Dr, Joseph Mills Jones has admonished citizens of Grand Cape Mount to be conscious and vote the right leaders during the upcoming presidential and legislative elections.

Dr. Jones wants citizens of Grand Cape Mount to vote for the right leaders who he says will bring about the needed transformation they have yearned for over the last twelve years.

According to him, for too long the people of Liberia have suffered due to the lack of basic social needs, and further threw out call during his tour of the entire county as part of his 2017 campaign activities.

“Vote for the kind of leaders who will focus on empowering the people economically to improve their lives”, the MOVEE Political leader told hundreds of Cape Mountaineans.

Dr. Jones during his interaction with the citizens also vowed that a government under the MOVEE administration will heavily invest in agriculture and other income generating sectors to create a middle class income society.

He also named the increment of salary of teachers and health workers not only to improve their lives and family members, but guarantee effective delivery of their respective duties.

Dr. Jones, former Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) also said under the MOVEE led Government, Liberians will be key component of his economic diversification scheme to prevent money laundering, and noted that such move would add value to the unprecedented rise in the exchange rate between the Liberian and United States dollars, Liberian dollars would be just history.

He used the occasion to also canvass for the party’s representative candidates in districts 1, 2 and 3 in Grand Cape Mount.  The candidates are Thomas Fahn, Sando Boima and Sheik Abu Kromah.

Chiefs, elders, women, marketers and youths of Grand Cape Mount County graciously welcomed Dr. Jones in different locations during the tour.

In Mano River Kongo, citizens complained of abandonment by central government and the deplorable road condition among others.

They also mentioned the lack of schools, clinic, market and other key development structures, something they lamented need urgent attention.

Mano River Kongo is a mineral terrain where mining activities are mainly focused on diamond, gold and others, but citizens have repeatedly complained of the lack of basic social services.

Hundreds of Grand Cape Mount citizens overwhelmingly endorsed the presidential bid of Dr. J. Mills Jones.

As part of the tour, Dr. Jones visited the Baptist Seminary in Bo-Water, District 3 where he expressed gratitude to the church especially Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves for undertaking such massive project.

The mission comprises high school, clinic, water plant-producing mineral water for sale and administrative lodge.

The multi-million dollars investment was made possible under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves of the Providence Baptist Church is currently the running mate to Dr. Jones on the ticket of the Movement for Economic Empowerment.

During his three-day campaign tour, Dr. Jones visited over 200 towns and villages and was given a symbolic key to unlocked Grand Cape Mount that is perceived to be locked the opponent.

Chiefs, elders, women and youth as recounted the role and contribution played by Dr. Jones during his tenure as Executive Central Bank Governor.

“When you served as head of one our county big money house, really thousands especially local mart women and small businesses, so we cannot forget the good you did, the citizens expressed their gratitude to Dr. Jones.”

The Citizens made specific reference to the microloan scheme program that was implemented under the stewardship of Dr. Jones.

“The program help reduce the level of economic hardship that has been created by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government, adding that putting the MOVEE presidential candidate at the helm of power will further change the lives of the downtrodden masses, they noted”.

First time voters at the same time pleaded with Dr. Jones to place more focus rural women by providing them with the loan assistance to help sustain they and their families.

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