ELECTIONS 2017: They’re Coming Again With ‘’Empty Promises’, Open Your Eyes Liberians

By: Joel Cholo Brooks

Liberians go to the poll on October 10, 2017 – A right decision should be made

As 51 days remaining from today’s date, August 20, 2017, for the holding of Liberia’s historic general and presidential elections come October 10, 2017, when Liberians go to the poll to elect another batch of leaders to govern this West African state, Liberia for another term after the transition of the Ellen led Unity Party Government, power seekers are doing everything in their powers to strategically replace the outgoings.

The routine of politicians in such condition like what is about to take place on October 10, is to, as usual nurture and prevail on electorates that they are the best, and therefore they should be the ultimate choice in these elections, noting that their interest to transform Liberia is beyond borders, and that what the previous leaders did not do to improve the livelihood of Liberians will be done when elected.

In this period of Liberia’s transition to another democratic rule, politicians or job seekers are venturing into communities, towns and villages in their quest of winning the popular votes for the people, many of whom are downtrodden and living abject poverty and were abandoned over the years to impress them that they are the only ‘saviors’ to deliver them, the electorates from the hands of poverty stricken situations.

With these ‘sweet coated tongues’ of politicians, Liberians must be mindful in making decisions that will lead them to a successful and another six years term; a decision that will be towards examining the reputation of those who are opting for state power, and not those who may be considered as just another round of politicians who objectives will gears toward enriching themselves and their families, while the others drawn in abject poverty.

They’re coming again with big promises under the canopy of being the good guys, claiming to be in readiness to transform Africa’s oldest Republic, Liberia and deliver it from the shackle of nepotism, the culture of impunity, and all of those vices that over the years have plunged Liberia in the state calamities and backwardness.

Liberia, the oldest Republic on the continent of Africa, but yet underdeveloped is hungry for leaders who are patriotic and nationalistic, and are prepare to drive the vehicle of peace, reconstruction and reconciliation, and not those whose primary objective is to grab and go, while the ordinary suffer for the rest of their lives.

As Liberians go to the poll on October 10, 2017, it is the conviction of this writer that they should be like William James Sidis who was known as the world’s smartest man who ever lived. Sidis who was born in Boston in 1898, made headlines in the early 20th century as a child prodigy with an amazing intellect. His IQ was estimated to be 50 to 100 points higher than Albert Einstein.

Liberians should also pray for God’s guidance in choosing their rightful leaders during these elections, and avoid being used for cash and materials things, but rather think about the prosperity of the future of their beloved country, Liberia which is yearning for improved and better livelihood for its citizens and the unborn to enjoy.

Finally, Liberians please open your eyes during these elections, and make a choice that will be in the interest of all including the unborn children, and for the rest of the world to applaud you for such decision taken.

Written by Joel Cholo Brooks

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Joel Cholo Brooks is a Liberian journalist who previously worked for several international news outlets including the BBC African Service. He is the CEO of the Global News Network which publishes two local weeklies, The Star and The GNN-Liberia Newspapers. He is a member of the Press Union Of Liberia (PUL) since 1986, and several other international organizations of journalists, and is currently contributing to the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation as Liberia Correspondent.