Alexander Cummings Launches Campaign in Maryland County Spends the Weekend Covering the South East


ANC Standard Bearer, Alexander B. Cummings in closed discussion with his running mate, Jeremiah Sulunteh

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, ANC’s presidential candidate, held his official campaign launch in the south east over the weekend. Beginning with a three-day tour, during which he covered Sinoe, Grand Gedeh and Grand Kru, Cummings landed on Saturday in his home county, Maryland.

Cummings was accompanied by his Vice Standard Bearer Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh, National Campaign Manager, Atty. Yafar Bakipeh the party’s National Chairman Mr. Lafayette Gould, Alternative National Congress (ANC) aspirants and supporters from all over the region.

ANC Standard Bearer addressing a huge crowd of his supporters

Although, the road condition to the south east is well known to be very challenging, unlike other candidates in the race, Mr. Cummings chose to ride the rough road, risking hitches in the mud just to meet the people of South East where they were, to gain a full understanding and appreciation of the situation that they face daily.

On his way to Maryland, he made several stops talking to Liberians, and engaging with voters. Activities in the South East included numerous political rallies, town-hall meetings, endorsements, football games, and performances from Liberian musicians.

Mr. Cummings was greeted with cheers and fanfares in Sinoe and Grand Kru counties as he moved on to Maryland County for the official launch of the party’s campaign. In Greenville, more than ten thousand people received Mr. Cummings as he arrived in the county’s capitol.

ANC Supporters in high gear as they welcome their Standard Bearer

“Our people have been to see this great son of theirs, it was great that he fulfilled his promise and met them”, said the ANC’s representative candidate for District 2, Sinoe County.

While addressing the people of Sinoe, Mr. Cummings assured them that they would not be forgotten. “Judging by the roads I plied to get here, I fully understand what you go through and my administration will work every day to make life better for you”, said Mr. Cummings.

On Friday morning, Cummings held a town hall meeting with more than 5,000 persons comprising of Paramount Chiefs, Town Chiefs, elders, youth groups, women groups, and other interest groups from the surrounding districts in the county.

“We have heard about the good things you are doing for this country, some of our children benefited from the WAEC school fees you have payed. The people of Grand Kru will always remain your friends and loyal supporters, stated Ma Elizabeth of the women’s group.

‘When I see you, I see a person of real change, change we can trust. You can rest assure that you will receive my vote’, added a member of the youth wing.

The man referred to as ‘TALK and DO’, by his supporters is expected to sweep the region this election due to his many ties to the county. Cummings has long been a favorite in the South East, even before his announcement to run for the presidency.

For years, Cummings has routinely made philanthropic contributions to citizens and institutions in the South East including constructing the bridge that connects Big Town to Tubman University in Harper MD, donating a radio transmitter to Radio Harper in Maryland County, donating music equipment to Mt Scott United Methodist Church in Harper, empowering Maryland county officials with funds for the counties sport tournament, and most recently donating medical supplies worth $565,000.00 USD to rural hospitals in Liberia including the JJ Dozen Hospital in Harper.

During the official launch on Saturday, Cummings outlined his platform, agenda and vision for Liberia.

“You deserve better roads, better electricity in every part of this country, running water in every part of this country. These are all things that as Liberians after 170 years, it is not too much to ask for; it is not too much to demand of our leaders because they are the basic necessities in life”, said Cummings.

On corruption, Mr. Cummings said his administration will prosecute corrupt officials and seize assets of former officials in a bid to invest in the Liberian people.

The ANC leader also pledged to create a government of inclusion by using technology and connections to grow the economy. “We will grow that bowl of rice so that each and every Liberian can get their fair share. If you rare willing to work hard you will get your fair share.”

Mr. Cummings also pledged to empower Liberian businesses and make them grow so that they can contributed to the economic transformation of Liberia. “We can do these things and as a son of Maryland, we will make sure we do these things are made available.

It was an emotional event, touching the hearts and souls of the attendants as they continuously sang and danced through the streets with the name of Alexander B. Cummings and Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh on their tongues.

Addressing the crowd of more than ten thousand persons, Mr. Cummings spoke with enthusiasm that in his mind the election was won, a statement which sent the body wild.

‘If the saying that ‘if the house does not sell you the street will not buy you’ is true, then I am bought already and that the election too is won’, he added with excitement.

‘You have just marketed me properly and your blessings and celebrations by all sectors of the county and the region have lifted my spirit and I am more than determined to make Liberia a better country for all of us. I am so grateful for your blessings and support, he added. “Let’s go into this process with the belief and certainty that we will win this election and make the change we want by voting the Cummings-Sulunteh ticket’, he concluded.

The Cummings momentum continues to grow every day.  The presidential candidate has taken on a style of politicking unconventional to Liberia, by relying on grassroots endorsements and committing to meeting as many Liberians face to face as possible. Determined to leave no stone unturned, following his launch in Maryland, the candidate is headed straight for Nimba to begin his 30-day tour during which he plans to visit over 90 different communities, making multiple visitations every single day.

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