Cummings Calls For Political Maturity, Frowns On Antagonistic Politics

Mr. Alexander Cummings, Presidential Candidate of the Alternative National Congress (ANC)

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress, and 2017 presidential candidate has underscored the need for political actors to refrain from vices that have the tendency to undermine Liberia’s peace.

According to Mr. Alexander Cummings, the maintenance of Liberia’s peace now must be placed above all political agenda during the presidential and Legislative 2017 October elections.

He called on political actors and citizens to abstain from acts that will place Liberia on a dangerous path during and after the 2017 electoral process.

“I strongly believe that antagonizing your opponents and preaching hate messages will not help this election, but rather stir confusion and threaten our peace and security”, said Cummings.

The ANC standard bearer calls on political actors all emulate the good example of his party and conduct themselves with a high degree of maturity.

Addressing a cross section of ANC, members, supporters and sympathizers in Monrovia, he pleaded with Liberians to change political dynamics by avoiding those vices that could result to electoral violence.

Mr. Cummings further narrated that elections are always characterized by political differences, but observed that this can be done in a more mature and civil manner.

“Antagonistic approach is not the way forward in such crucial democratic process, but rather a bad practice in our present  democratic space which should not be encouraged in our elections, he asserted.

He overwhelmingly welcomed moves by government, the National Election Commission and the international community to caution political actors and voters to refrain from behavior that has the inclination to ignite conflict and violence in some cases.

“In a bid to achieve this, one of Liberia’s newest, but fastest growing political parties, the Alternative National Congress has brought a high degree of political maturity to the political landscape by adhering to laws of Liberia and electoral guidelines for campaigning and other processes, a Cummings supporter boosted.

He also reminded Liberians of the years of instability and the impact the state and its people.

Cummings, an internationally acclaimed Liberian businessman and humanitarian maintained that the ANC remain ever committed to keeping the peace and will do absolutely nothing to hinder it.

He concluded by assuring that members of the Alternative National Congress will stay clear of confusion during the pending presidential and Legislative 2017 October elections.

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