Nation Times Report: ‘President Sirleaf Risks Assassination As Chief Bodyguard Seeks Presidency’

The Nation Times Newspaper has uncovered information which seems worrisome reporting on the latest development in the Liberian presidency, saying: It appears that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is ignoring the code of conduct since it was enacted into law as she continues to maintain Dr. H. BoimaFuhnbulleh as her chief security advisor despite his quest to contest the pending 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Fuhnbulleh, National Security Advisor to the Liberian President has turned up to be a politician and have even accepted the Standard-bearership of the Liberian People Party (LPP), which many believe is a threat to the presidency of the country.

The charismatic Security Advisor to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is the political leader of the Liberian People Party (LPP) and is to contest the ensuing Presidential and Legislative Elections while serving as National Security Advisor protecting the live of the Liberian leader and family.

Part V of the Code of Conduct on Political Participation clearly states that all officials appointed by the President of Liberia shall not: (a) engage in political activities, canvass or contest for elected offices; (b) use Government facilities, equipment or resources in support of partisan or political activities; (c) serve on a campaign team of any political party, or the campaign of any independent candidate.

The document further states that, “Wherein, any person in the category stated in section 5.1 herein above, desires to canvass or  contest for an elective public position, the following shall apply, any Minister, Deputy Minister, Director-General, Managing Director and Superintendent appointed by the President pursuant to article 56 (a) of the Constitution and a Managing Director appointed by a Board of Directors, who desires to contest for public elective office shall resign said post at least two (2) years prior to the date of such public election.

Any other official appointed by the President who holds a tenure position and desires to contest for public elective office shall resign said post three (3) years prior to the date of such public elections.

The newly elected political leader of the Liberian People Party (LPP), Dr. H. BoimaFahnbulleh, and present security advisor to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was on divisive politics based on the perpetuated Congo-indigenous divides.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) rejected Montserrado County District #5 Representative Abu Kamara from contesting the forthcoming legislative election. The rejection was based on what the high court in Liberia considers as violation of the much-talked about Code of Conduct.

Abu Kamara is currently an Assistant Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Post Administration but was a seat in the National Legislature for District #15 in Representative seat while Dr. H. BoimaFahnbulleh is the current security advisor to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and a contestant in the forthcoming legislative and presidential elections and is breaching Article 5.1 of the Code of Conduct for public officials.

Article 5.1 of the code of conduct for public officials states that ministers, assistant, deputy, managing directors, superintendents among others appointed by the president who is desirous of contesting the elections must resign their posts two years prior to the elections.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed Dr. H. BoimaFahnbulleh, Jr. as National Security Advisor at the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs on Tuesday, 10th April 2012 and was confirmed by the Liberian Senate.

Since his appointment, Fahnbulleh has been serving the President as Chief bodyguard in spite of his recent political ambition to contest the nation’s highest office which is presently being occupied by Madam Sirleaf as Liberia and Africa’s first female democratically elected President.

The fear that looms now is for the Chief Security Advisor to the President to be seeking the presidency of the country when his boss is still holding on without his resignation in compliance with the Code of Conduct.

The looming situation can be related to what occurred in Guinea some years back when the Presidential bodyguard shot the military leader Captain MoussaDadisCamara. The Guinean former presidential guard chief said he shot the country’s military strongman at the time because he felt betrayed by his former boss.

Following the incident, Lieutenant Abubakar “Toumba” Diakite told Radio France International he shot Camara on 3 December because the junta leader wanted him to take the blame for a massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators.

“I shot him because at a certain point, there was a complete betrayal in my view, a total betrayal of democracy. He [Camara] tried to blame me for the events of September 28,” Diakite told RFI in his first broadcast comments since the assassination attempt. “I will not turn myself in because they do not want the truth to be known. They’d prefer to kill me.”

At the time Diakite said Camara allegedly ordered the massacre at a pro-democracy rally where numerous witnesses and human rights groups say 157 people were killed and soldiers raped several women.

The argument between the two broke out soon after Diakite was interrogated, prompting several people close to the junta to say that the altercation centred on which one of the two would take the blame for the massacre in front of the UN. Diakite’s statement confirmed this version of the events.

Whether the ambition of Dr. Fahnbulleh to seek the presidency while his boss is still in office as head of the country is a treasonable offence is the baffling question on the minds of Liberians, while security pundits have expressed the view that seeking the presidency at the time when President Sirleaf is still in power is scaring considering what occurred in Guinea years back.

Some security experts spoken to said that Dr. Fahnbulleh should have resigned first as Security advisor before seeking the presidency of Liberia. But it appears that Madam Sirleaf and Dr. Fahnbulleh are both violating the Code of Conduct under which a young Liberia, Abu Kamara was denied from contesting for a seat in the National Legislature.

At present, Dr. Fahnbulleh remains the National Security Advisor as he seeks the presidency of the country thus, creating fear in the minds of the citizens. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will be stepping down as President of Liberia in January 2018 ending her 12 years presidency as the citizens remain divided over her achievements since coming to power.

But the new law enacted by the Legislature of Liberia known as the Code of Conduct places a two to three year-ban on those contesting for elective positions in the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections. Dr. Fahnbulleh is one of those who are vying for the presidency on the ticket of LPP, one of Liberia’s oldest political parties though he remains the Chief Bodyguard to the President.

Several Liberians are wondering as to whether the pronouncement by Dr. Fahnbulleh to contest the presidency while he remains the National Security Advisor is a direct threat to the President when the Code of Conduct says that officials who have the ambition to contest should resign two years before announcing their ambition.

Source: Nation Times Newspaper

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